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A Dreamy Vegan Picnic


A dreamy vegan picnic means no cooking, no prepping - just delicious vegan food and drink that is ready to pick-up and picnic!

If you haven't rolled out a blanket and tucked into an outdoor feast this summer, this is your sign to get picnicking!

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There are so many ways to do picnics.

You can spend hours rustling up complex salads and assembling perfect sandwiches (only to make sure those same perfect sandwiches don't get squashed en route), or you can just pop a bunch of ready-to-go snacks and drinks in a bag and be off!

That's more my style of picnic. This list of vegan picnic foods has a good mix of ready-to-eat savoury and sweet bits to pick at. I've also included some beautiful vegan wine.

Bon appetite and happy picnicking!

Best Vegan Picnic Foods 🧺🥧🍇

Soffle's Rosemary & Thyme Pita Chips


Image source: Soffle's

Every picnic needs a perfect crisp and these guys have my vote.

It's basically rosemary and thyme focaccia, disguised as a pita chip. What more do I need to say! They are incredibly moreish so make sure you bring a few bags along with you.

Daylesford Toasted Seed & Chilli Olive Oil Crackers


Image source: Daylesford

Crackers are a great dipping vessel and I love Daylesford's Toasted Seed & Chili Olive Oil Crackers.

Don't be put off by the humble packaging - they are full of flavour. So much so that even when the dip inevitably runs out they'll hold their own!

Palace Culture Kimcheese


Image source: Palace Culture

You've got crackers, you've got crispy things - now you need cheese! Meet Kimcheeze.

This cashew based cheese is made from 4 simple ingredients including the very flavoursome kimchi juice from award winning kimchi by Bottlebrush Ferments! Yum.

ChicP Spinach & Parsley Hummus


Image source: ChicP

Hummus is a picnic essential and this is the second, or maybe even third time I'm featuring a Chic P hummus on my blog (I am a fan).

I included their Spinach and Parsley Hummus in my May Products Picks and here we are again. Too good not to keep recommending!

Palace Culture Chives & Shallots Cheesy Dip


Image source: Palace Culture

Why not bring cheese and a cheese dip to your dairy free picnic?

Palace Culture are the same guys that brought you Kimcheeze, and their Chive and Shallot dip looks and sounds pretty amazing.

Brindisa Tomato & Almond Gazpacho


Image source: Brindisa

Fuss-free gazpacho. Bottled and picnic-ready!

I've tried the tomato gazpacho from these guys and I am pretty obsessed (the proof is here). This Tomato & Almond Gazpacho is a new launch from Brindisa and I can't wait to try it.

The real olive company tricolour olives


Image source: The Real Olive Company

Olives are another great picnic food and more generally a great savoury vegan snack.

The Real Olive Company have loads of olive types to choose from and you can't go wrong with this chilli, garlic and basil combo! I also like how these olives aren't swamped with oil.

Cutter & Squidge vegan chocolate chip cookies


Image source: Cutter & Squidge

Time to move on to the sweet stuff.

These big vegan cookies from Cutter & Squidge look amazing (moment of appreciation for just how chunky and chocolatey they look!). You can get them in boxes of 4 or 8.

Exploding Bakery Peanut butter browies


Image source: Exploding Bakery

I love that these brownies come on trays, they look so homemade!

They are made with Yumello peanut butter, and are topped with caramelised peanuts 😋

Howdah Bakarwadi


Image source: Howdah

Look like crisps, crunches like crisps, but most definitely non-crisps!

These beauties are in fact honey-tasting sweet bites known as Bakarwadi. Howdah are a brilliant snack brand that give back.

Hip Pop Kombucha


Image source: Hip Pop

Hip Pop's mixed case is perfect for sharing on a picnic, mine's the ginger and yuzu!

And I love the designs on the cans too.

Laylo Verdejo


Image source: Laylo

Ever seen a more picnic perfect vegan wine?

All Laylo wine comes in a fabulous cardboard cartons with a handy tap. Don't underestimate the weight of this one! It has enough to fill 3 bottles.

Vegan Picnic Hamper

Vegan picnic 2

If you are looking for a vegan picnic hamper I recommend checking out Pique. They are a female founded food business that create amazing picnic hampers fit for any kind of feast! I also love that all the packaging, cutlery, cups etc that come with the picnic is 100% plastic free (perfect for vegan picnic parties or events!)