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You know it's going to be good when an ice cream sandwich is involved ๐Ÿ˜

Every month I bring you a round-up of my best food and drink finds from around the UK. I absolutely love May's selection of goodies!

I've included:

  • a couple of stand-out sauces (BBQ season is here!)
  • some very yummy, perfectly crumbly shortbread (who doesn't love shortbread?)
  • a great big Jubilee picnic hamper (any excuse for a feast...)
  • and much much more


Blanco Nino Tortilla Chips

Blanco Nino Tortilla Chips

Image source: Blanco Nino

These are picnic perfect chips!

After trying each and ever Blanco Nino flavour, I raved about these in a recent post and I've decided my top faves are the Chili & Lime and Ancient Grain bags (which would be great with the ChicP hummus dip you'll see a bit further down in the post).

Halen Mรดn, Black Garlic Ketchup

Halen Mรดn Black Garlic Ketchup

Image source: Halen Mรดn

Aged garlic is the magic ingredient in this ketchup, and it really is delicious.

I'm not the only big fan of this bottle. Just take a peek at the reviews to hear what other ketchup-lovers have to say about this supreme sauce. Addictive is an understatement.

Happy Endings Monumintal

Happy Endings Monumintal

Image source: Happy Endings

The best kind of sandwich ever? Maybe.

All I know is that this Monumental ice cream sandwich is a thing of beauty. Fresh mint Stracciatella ice cream is sandwiched between a chocolate covered chocolate biscuit (read that bit again...chocolate covered chocolate biscuits 🤩). I'll have one for each hand please.

Find the stockists here.

Fortnum's X Sapling Citrus Vodka

Sapling Citrus Vodka

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Sapling Spirits is a sustainable British brand who have teamed up with Fortnum & Mason to create this gorgeous limited edition Citrus Vodka.

It's made using 40kg of lemon and orange peel waste that was collected from the Fortnum's bar & restaurant, 45 Jermyn St. (A crazy 3.8 million tonnes of citrus peel is thrown away in the UK each year!) Sapling are also planting 1 tree for every bottle sold (there are only 396 bottles out there so grab yours quick!)



Image source: mexgrocer

Chilli and Lime is one of the best flavour combos ever and this bottle should be a kitchen staple.

A little sprinkle of this on fresh mango goes a long way; it's also great on avo on toast and really amphs up a homemade margarita. Basically, you can't go wrong with this one!

ChicP Spinach & Parsley Hummus


Image source: ChicP

This "zingy and fresh" Spinach and Parsley Hummus is hummus of the summer for me. And ChicP are a great brand doing tasty, eco-friendly things with food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Love.

Pique The Jubilee Picnic

Pique The Jubilee Picnic

Image source: Pique

It's coming up quick, but there is still time to get your hands on an absolute whopper of a picnic hamper and have yourselves a Jubilee feast!

Everything is included, including plates and cutlery (it's all 100% plastic-free with recyclable or compostable packaging).

If hampers are your thing, check out this post where I list some of the best luxury food hampers in the UK.

Shortbread house Rich dark chocolate shortbread

tin of shortbread Sara miller

Image source: Shortbread House of Edinburgh

Great for mid-morning tea dunking, picnic nibbling or anytime munching.

This is the next shortbread you should be buying, and it comes in a beautiful and unique Sara Miller tin! Shortbread House make my absolute favourite shortbread, and each handmade biscuit has generously-sized chunky chocolate bits inside.

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