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Marks & Spencer Christmas Product Picks


After my trip to M&S last week, I was so impressed with their Christmas range that I wanted to share my favourite products with you on the blog.

I've been really impressed with the Marks & Spencer Christmas range this year. There are some genuinely exciting new products, like their Christmas sourdough and panettonut...

Pigs In Blankets Crunch Mix

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Image source: Ocado

Combo mix are one of my favourite crisps, I can easily get through a sharing bag in one sitting (although maybe that's not something I should admit to!) And M&S have two Christmas flavours this year.

I tried the pigs in blankets flavour last week and loved them, they're very similar to smoky bacon flavour crisps. I'll definitely be buying some more of these before Christmas.

There is also turkey feast flavour combo mix, but I've not tried these yet.

Christmas Sourdough

IMG 2222

This sourdough is delicious, and one of my favourite new product launches this Christmas.

Made with caramelised onions, crispy onions, dried cranberries and sage, this has the flavour of Christmas stuffing.

M&S recommend to use this to make a Christmas sandwich with turkey leftovers.

Giant Milk & Swiss Blond Chocolate Florentines

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Image source: Ocado

I love a Florentine, and these giant ones from M&S are sure to be popular this Christmas.

They are made with flaked and whole almonds and dried fruit, with either creamy blond chocolate or Belgian milk chocolate on the bottom.

These are on my shopping list this Christmas!


A panettone doughnut... yes please!

This doughnut has been made with an enriched panettone dough, and is filled with vanilla custard. It sounds like heaven.

They didn't have any in my local store, but I'm on a mission to find one of these before Christmas.

24 Biscuits 'Til Christmas Advent Calendar


This is one of the two advent calendars I've bought myself this Christmas, and I also featured this in my best food advent calendars blog post.

I love the idea of a biscuit advent calendar, and I'm surprised there aren't more retailers doing these. This one from M&S includes 3 different biscuits... vanilla, honeycomb and clementine creams.

Reindeer Steamed Bao Buns

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Image source: Ocado

These reindeer bao buns are so cute!

These soft steamed bao buns are filled with vegetables in a hoisin sauce. They are vegan too so great if you're looking for veggie / vegan options to serve at a Christmas party or as part of a buffet.

Gingerbread Milkshake

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Image source: Ocado

I saw this on insta and knew it was going to be delicious before I even tried it. I love gingerbread, and the flavour of this milkshake is amazing.

It comes in a small and large size, and the small is part of their food to go range, with 5% of sales from each bottle sold being donated to Shelter.

Crackling Chocolate Logs

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Image source: Marks & Spencer

This is the ultimate Christmas Day pudding for chocolate lovers, made with 3 chocolate Yule logs coated in a smooth rich chocolate ganache.

This is also a fun dessert for the whole family as it is topped with popping candy chocolate bark and glistening popping candy embers.