June Product Picks
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June Product Picks


The warmer and sunny weather we’ve been enjoying the past couple of weeks has inspired this month’s product picks!

If you’re planning a BBQ, a picnic in the park, or just want to enjoy some delicious food on a sunny day, the products below are all perfect for summer…

Farmison & Co BBQ rub selection

Farmison rubs

Image source: Farmison & Co

I was so relieved to hear that Farmison was reopening, and they’re back with an incredible BBQ range.

They’ve launched this new rub selection with 3 different rubs to take your BBQ to the next level… Texan BBQ rub, black pepper & coffee rub, and a Middle Eastern BBQ rub.

Try these rubs with Farmison’s Heritage breed beef and pork, or their free-range chicken.

Swaledale Butchers Steak Burger

Swaledale burgers

Image source: Swaledale Butchers

Still on the BBQ theme, I recently tried Swaledale Butchers steak burger, and it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The flavour of the meat was just incredible.

And I really like that it only has one ingredient… grass fed, Heritage breed beef, and nothing else! I hate it when burgers are full of extra ingredients and fillers, but this is just pure quality beef.

I recently wrote a blog post about Swaledale Butchers, read it here.

Charlie & Ivy’s Spicy Chorizo Marinade

I marinade

Image source: Charlie & Ivys

Charlie & Ivy’s is an amazing artisanal Yorkshire food brand, making some delicious condiments. They have a range of 3 marinades, and the spicy chorizo is my favourite.

It has a nice smoky flavour, and is a really quick way to marinade your meat and veggies before BBQing. Simply pour over the marinade sauce, and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight before cooking. Maximum flavour with minimal effort!

I’ve also written a blog post about Charlie & Ivys which you can read here.

Farmison & Co Burger Relish

Farmison relish

Image source: Farmison & Co

Yep another Farmison product, but I tried this burger relish last week and had to include it in this month’s product picks. It's packed full of chopped gherkins, and the flavour of these combined with the mustard is an absolute winner.

This has a clean ingredients list too, with no artificial or strange sounding ingredients that you’ve never heard of. This is THE summer condiment.

Torres Black Truffle Crisps 500g

Large torres

Image source: Selfridges

This is the biggest bag of crisps I’ve ever seen - for comparison, the usual sharing size bag of Torres sharing crisps is 125g.

I’ve tried quite a few different truffle crisps, and these from Torres* are my favourite. They are so moorish, and have a great truffle flavour. If you take this extra large bag to a picnic or party, it’s going to go down very well!

Bettys Mango & Passion Fruit Fondant Fancies

It’s always exciting when Bettys announce a new seasonal fondant fancy, and this summer they’ve launched a mango & passion fruit version.

These tasty little cakes are made with a Genoese sponge, and layered with mango and passion fruit pâte de fruit. They are then topped with marzipan, and covered with a layer of royal icing. I love a fondant fancy, and this is such an exciting new launch from Bettys.

They are only available for a limited time though so don’t miss out if you want to try them.

Northern Bloc Caramel Collection

Northern Bloc’s caramel collection contains four little tubs that are perfect for sharing on a hot summers day, or you might just want to eat these all to yourself because they are too good to share!

There are two different flavours - double salted caramel, and salted caramel & pecan. This selection is plant-based too.

Anon English Garden

Anon EG

Image source: Anon Drinks

Anon’s English Garden is my latest drink discovery! We recently had a meal at EightyEight restaurant at Grantley Hall, and on their mocktail menu they had an alcohol free pimms. We both loved it, and I thought I’d try and find who made this and buy a bottle to have at home. And then weirdly, a few days later, Katy from @fabulousfoodfinds posted about Anon English Garden so saved me the trouble of trying to find it.

This is a no-alcohol alternative to Pimms, and can be made in the same way mixed with lemonade and adding in slices of strawberries, cucumber, and orange. It tastes great, and no hangover the next day!

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