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Brand Spotlight: Charlie & Ivy’s


Charlie & Ivy's delicious condiments add a flavourful flourish to any feast!

If you want to know what Charlie & Ivy’s is all about, a good place to start is their Instagram page. With snaps of sunsets over the Yorkshire fields, delicious farmhouse spreads, and the cute family sheep dog - a quick scroll through their feed catapults you straight into the very wholesome and homey world of this Yorkshire condiment brand.


Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

Condiments can often be the unsung heroes of many meals, but since 2014 Charlie & Ivy’s have been making sure their dips and dressings standout. Their specialties are artisanal bread dippers, mayonnaises, dressings and in the summer, they also launched a small range of very tasty marinades.

After recently featuring one of Charlie and Ivy’s condiment sets in a gift guide, I was inspired to dedicate a whole post to this small, British brand who has been elevating the simplest of meals, with the tastiest of products!

Reasons why we love Charlie & Ivy's

  1. ⭐️

    It’s a family-run business

    This is probably a big part of what makes the brand and products feel so homey and homemade (in the best of ways). Adam and Jennie Palmer are a husband and wife team who named their brand after their two children.

  2. ⭐️

    All the products are made in Yorkshire

    A proud Yorkshire brand through-and-through, every single Charlie & Ivy product comes straight from their family farm on the Yorkshire Wolds.

  3. ⭐️

    Their products are 100% GM free

    No genetic modification takes place in the production of their crops which is good news for the environment and our health.

  4. ⭐️

    They have simple ingredients lists

    If you check what’s inside the products, you’ll find that the ingredients used are pretty great; lots of whole foods and nothing ending in -oxide or -sulfide.

  5. ⭐️

    Those Bread Dippers!

    Their fantastic bread dipping range is a big reason why Charlie & Ivy’s has my backing. We are forever indebted to them for making the experience of eating bread even more tasty!

Our Favourite Charlie & Ivy’s Products

Smoked Garlic & Black Peppercorn Bread Dipper

Smoked garlic award

Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

Smokey, peppery and highly dunkable - this is what bread dipping dreams are made of! Adorned with two awards (Deliciously Yorkshire Award Winning and Delicious Awards Shortlisted) it’s easily one of their best products.

Blackberry, Thyme & Balsamic Bread Dipper

Blackberry thyme balsamic2

Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

Just because they are so good - we had to include another Bread Dipper in our product favourites. This recipe is a new addition to their Bread Dippers and the inclusion of blackberry has us very intrigued.

Honey & Mustard Dressing

Dressing honey mustard

Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

The ingredients in this honey & mustard dressing are beautifully simple. No preservatives whatsoever, just whole ingredients and a high quality honey that is sourced in Britain.

Garlic & Thyme Plant Based Mayonnaise

Mayo pb garlic thyme new

Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

Charlie and Ivy’s recently launched two plant-based mayonnaises, which just a few weeks ago won a Deliciously Yorkshire Taste Award. There are no eggs in this new recipe and this garlic and thyme one sounds great.

Jerk Marinade


Image Source: Charlie & Ivy's

I tried this Jerk marinade recently and loved it! It will be perfect to use for BBQ's during the summer months.