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Fortnum & Mason Christmas Product Picks


My Fortnum & Mason product picks post is the most viewed post on the blog, so I thought I'd share my Christmas edit too!

At this time of year, when you're starting to plan meals and treats for around Christmas and New Year, and looking for foodie gifts, Fortnum's is guaranteed to have some delicious options.

I've scoured their Christmas range to pick my 10 favourite products, including some classics, and a couple of new ones that have launched this year...

Fortnum's Feasting Advent Calendar

2210924 feasting advent calendar mob sq d

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

This also featured in my recent Best Food Advent Calendars post, and I had to include it in this selection too because its amazing.

This is a great gift*, but also a wonderful treat (I've bought one for myself), and it's such a great way to try 25 different Fortnum's products. It includes a huge selection of products from gingerlossus biscuits to fig preserve to champagne!

Fortnum's also have a new spirits advent calendar* this year which looks incredible!

Party Selection Cheese Box

5097066 xmas22 party selection cheese box mob sq b

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum's have a range of cheese selections each Christmas, but new this year is this party selection* which is their biggest selection, with enough cheese for up to 8 people.

This is perfect for a Boxing Day buffet, with the selection including Schnelbelhorn, a rich Swiss cheese, a traditional Cropwell Bishop, and a mouth-watering creamy Moliterno with Truffle cheese.

The selection also includes Fortnum's all butter crackers. And don't forget to order some delicious chutneys to go with your cheeseboard too, my favourite is their green tomato chutney*.

Magnificent Plum Christmas Pudding

2210888 mob sq b

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

This is a next level Christmas pudding*! The centre of this pudding is filled with sweet plum jam, and it's made with dried fruits that have been soaked in Fortnum's damson gin.

Visually, this is a real showstopper. The pudding is decorated with marcona almonds, cherries, and rings of sliced orange. And it comes in a beautiful ceramic bowl to keep and re-use.

Fortnum's Christmas Teacakes

5121946 xmas22 festive teacakes mob sq c

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

New this year is a Christmas version of the Fortnum's teacakes*, and they come in 2 traditional flavours...

The first is a mince pie teacake which tastes as good as it sounds; a milk chocolate shell filled with a sweet marshmallow and brandy-soaked dried fruit.

And the second is a Black Forest teacake, with a crisp dark chocolate shell filled with marshmallow and a sour cherry jam.

These are both so delicious, its hard to pick a favourite!

Merrilossus Biscuits

2210881 b

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

You know that any Fortnum's biscuit that is part of the 'lossus family is going to taste amazing, and these Merrilossus* are the best Christmas biscuits.

This is basically a Christmas pudding in biscuit form... this biscuit is packed with fruit, nuts and Christmas spices, and is covered in a VERY thick layer of milk chocolate.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts


Image source: Fortnum & Mason

These are a must for the Boxing Day buffet table.

Whole crunchy Brussels sprouts* are pickled in herbs and spices including chilli, pimento, ginger, coriander and juniper berries to create the most delicious flavour.

Surely even people who claim not to like sprouts will be intrigued enough to want to try one of these.


2156878 mob sq e

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

These are the perfect thing to eat on Christmas Day evening... a rich, sweet and boozy treat*!

The cherries are infused with rich brandy within 24 hours of being picked to ensure they keep their flavour, and are then dipped in a thick layer of Belgian dark chocolate.

These also come in a beautiful box and would make a great gift.

Vegan Spiced Cauliflower Filo Parcel

5121940 vegan coronation spiced cauliflower strudel mob sq a

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

If you're looking for a veggie or vegan main to cook at Christmas, Fortnum's has got you covered.

This filo parcel* contains spicy cauliflower, coronation spices, tangy lime pickle and mango chutney. It looks delicious, and it's on my Christmas shopping list.

Christmas Tea Medley

2210786 spice removed

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum's has a range of Christmas teas, and this medley* gives you chance to try them all!

The selection includes Christmas black tea, Christmas green tea, and a plum, apple & cinnamon infusion.

I also love the square tin!

Black Forest Chocolate Brownie

5097061 christmas brownie 500g mob sq c

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

This has to be one of the best brownies I've ever eaten, its rich and chewy and sweet and sour, and basically just delicious!

This brownie* is made using Fortnum's cherry ripe liqueur, and is topped with sour dried cherries and ruby chocolate.

This is sure to sell out quickly this year so order one now!

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