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Delicious Easter Treats for 2022


Here are the best Easter-themed sweet treats to buy and enjoy this year.

Every year so many creative and colourful food products emerge in the lead up to Easter.

I've hunted down some of the best Easter goodies you can get your hands on in the UK. Expect Easter chocolates, Easter cakes, Easter eggs and so much more!

Happy Foodie Easter everyone!

Chocolate Bunny And Large Carrott, £12.00


Image source: Choconchoc

Choconchoc always produce creative chocolate treats, and this Belgian Chocolate Bunny and Large Carrot would make such a lovely Easter gift.

Simnel Cyder Brandy Fruit Cake, £ 25.00


Image Source: The Newt

Simnel Cake is UK's most traditional Easter cake. It's basically is a fruit cake that normally is decorated with 11 marzipan balls to represent all the apostles.

This one by The Newt is handmade in their farm bakery and soaked in Somerset cider brandy. If you are putting on an Easter spread - this would make a marvellous centrepiece.

Chubby bunny marshmallows, £6.50


Image source: Refuge Chocolate

Belfast based Refuge Chocolate donates proceeds from their products to Flourish NI - an anti human trafficking charity.

2 vanilla flavoured bunny marshmallows (with chocolate drops for eyes) make up this Easter treat:

"Perfect to take for a swim on top of your hot chocolate for the ultimate crime scene of gooey mallow goodness".

Easter Bao Buns, £12.00


Image source: Bun-dles

Major bao bun love for these guys!

I am slightly obsessed with these Easter Bao Buns; the chick ones have a Belgian milk chocolate molten centre, and the hot cross bun ones are filled with "festive cinnamon and raisin custard molten centres".



Image source: Heist

These Easter Eggies might have to be my fave Easter product this year.

Wrapped in gold foil and nestled in a cute egg box, the egg shell is made from malted white chocolate and (wait for it...) inside each egg is a Fwdge brown butter caramel filling.

Click on the link for the full visual of these eggies and the filling inside because they look incredible!

Hot Cross Bun Chocolate, Pump Street, £6.25


Image source: Pump Street

This Hot Cross Bun Chocolate from Pump Street is a special edition bar (with a gorgeous design created in collaboration with student Vanya Dancheva from University of the Arts London).

The 58% chocolate is spiced with all the good stuff that gives hot cross buns their delicious flavour: nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, allspice berries, coriander seeds, mace, currants.

Hot Cross Buns, £4.25


I couldn't put a list of Easter Sweet Treats together and not include actual hot cross buns.

There are loads out there, but I went with these from Booths which are made with chocolate and ginger (these were awarded Best Flavoured Hot Cross Bun in BBC Good Food’s Easter Taste Test).

Bunny Snacks Bar, £6.00


Image source: Dormouse Chocolates

This cinnamon-spiced dark chocolate bar (with swirls of carrot white chocolate and candied pumpkin seeds) - is what Dormouse Chocolates imagine the Easter Bunny Snacks on (and if it's good for the Easter Bunny, it's good for us too!)

I'd love to see what the carrot white chocolate tastes like...

Austrian Sachertorte - Easter Bunny Cake, £20.00


Image source: Kipferl

Sachertorte is a type of chocolate cake or torte originally from Austria.

With "two layers of apricot jam topped with a crunchy thick chocolate icing" - this Easter Bunny shaped Sachertorte looks and sounds divine!

Hot Cross Bun Tea, £6.10

Easter Product Picks

Image source: Bird and Blend

From hot cross buns to hot cross bun tea - this Easter tea is hand blended in the UK from Bird and Blend Tea, who make wonderful "ethical and earth friendly" loose leaf teas.

Their expert "tea mixologists" recommend it "with or without milk for a slightly smoky, sweet treat".

Doisy & Dam Vegan Dark Chocolate Good Eggs, £1.99


Image source: Doisy & Dam

I've made my love of Doisy & Dam no secret, and was looking forward to seeing what product range they would come out with this Easter.

I was so excited to see that their Good Eggs are back again! These Good Eggs are an ethical, palm oil free and vegan alternative to mini eggs and trust me, they are delicious.

Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana Mandorle di Sicilia Colomba, £42.69


Image source: Sous Chef

Colomba is a traditional Italian Easter bread - kind of like the panettone of Easter - and this one is particularly gorgeous, arriving in a Dolce & Gabbana tin.

Chic Chicks Artisan Easter Chocolates, £14.95


Image source: Harvey Nichols

Six of the cutest hand-painted artisan chocolate chicks filled with buttery smooth caramel. I love these!

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