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Delicious Easter Treats for 2023


Easter eating isn't just about chocolate eggs, there are so many other delicious sweet treats to enjoy!

I’ve already rounded up my favourite Easter eggs, but there have been so many other delicious food launches this Easter that I wanted to write a separate blog post to share my favourites with you.

Spoiler alert: Hot Cross Bun flavours feature heavily!

Marks & Spencer Easter Bunny Munch

I saw someone post about these on Instagram early in Feb, and it took me ages to find some in store. They always seemed to be out of stock so must be a popular product!

Easter Bunny Munch contains four different treats… white chocolate coated popcorn, speckled chocolate eggs, milk chocolate covered raisins, and milk chocolate buttons. I love all the different elements, even the chocolate buttons which might not seem too exciting.

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Dabbit

IMG 3692

The chocolate dabbit is a really clever product that can either be a duck or rabbit depending on how you look at it. Another innovative product under their ‘Heston’ range!

I thought this box was going to contain a few smaller ‘dabbits’, but you get two large chocolates. These are made with a dark chocolate shell filled with delicious salted blonde chocolate truffle. The dark chocolate is rich, and balances well with the sweet caramelised blonde chocolate. I only bought one pack of these and regret not buying more so I’ll be going back before Easter to stock up.

Get Baked Double Yolker Milk Chocolate Bar

Get baked double yolker

Image source: Get Baked

If you’ve not heard of Get Baked, where have you been? You may not be aware of their Easter chocolate bar, but it's hard to miss ‘Bruce’ on social media.

I’m lucky that I live just a short walk away from Get Baked, but they also do nationwide delivery so everyone can enjoy their incredible baked goods.

For Easter this year, they’ve launched a double yolker chocolate bar which is right up my street… a milk chocolate bar filled with vanilla and custard flavoured fondant. Order yours now before these sell out, and check out their pies and cookies too. The salted chocolate and R.G.D.C cookies are my fave.

Harrods Hot Cross Bun Curd

Harrods HCB curd

Image source: Harrods

Stop spreading butter on your hot cross buns and try this rich and creamy curd instead to take your HCBs to the next level.

This luxurious curd has a spiced and citrusy flavour, made with cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, orange oil, and Sicilian lemon juice. Spread it on toast, crumpets, croissants, or add a large spoonful of it onto your porridge.

Fortnum & Mason Traditional Hot Cross Buns


Image source: Fortnum & Mason

There are so many flavours of hot cross buns available now, but in my opinion you can’t beat a traditional one. And the big problem I have with a lot of the supermarket hot cross buns is the size of them. They’re too small and eating one is just never enough.

You can always rely on Fortnum’s to give you what you want… a proper sized hot cross bun. And of course it tastes delicious too, made with the best quality ingredients for a truly authentic taste.

They are only available on selected delivery dates so don’t miss out on these.

Crosstown Hot Cross Bun Doughnuts

I’m always excited to see what seasonal doughnut flavours crosstown are going to launch, and this Easter they’ve brought back their hot cross bun doughnut.

This tastes as good as it looks. The Easter spiced dough is filled with a creamy cinnamon custard, and is topped with a Seville orange glaze and candied orange peel. It’s vegan too!

Pump Street Hot Cross Bun Bar 60%

Pump Street HCB chocolate

Image source: Pump Street

Pump Street’s Hot Cross Bun bar is made with cocoa from Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador, and buns made in their own bakery, with traditional flavours of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.

I love the packaging design too, this has been created exclusively for Pump Street by illustrator Jesse Bevan Brown.

Art of Mallow Mini Eggcellencies

Art of mallow

Image source: Art of Mallow

Art of Mallow have combined two of the best foods to make their Mini Eggcellencies… mini eggs and their soft fluffy marshmallows.

These vanilla marshmallows contain pieces of broken mini eggs, and come in a bag of 6 mallows. As with all Art of Mallow products, these are handmade in Yorkshire using only natural ingredients.