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The Best Easter eggs 2023


I've rounded up the best luxury Easter eggs this year with milk, dark and white chocolate options, and some new flavoured eggs too!

It’s that time of year when you start to think about which Easter eggs you’re going to buy for your friends and family, or if you’re like me, which one you’re going to buy for yourself. This blog post will save you time searching for the best eggs because I’ve selected 10 delicious options.

There’s so much choice this year, I love how many different flavours there are, and of course I’ve included a blond chocolate option which is certainly a trend at the moment.

Let me know in the comments below which are your favourites…

Bettys Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Egg £25

Bettys egg

Image source: Bettys

I bought myself this egg last year, and wasn’t surprised to see it in the Bettys range again this year because it was incredible.

This is made with creamy Swiss milk chocolate and crunchy feuilletine wafer pieces, and is decorated with spun chocolate and gold shimmer in an art-deco inspired design.

Harvey Nichols Demand SMores Easter Egg £32

HN lifestyle copy

Image source: Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols have launched a completely new Easter range this year, with a bright and colourful new packaging design too. Head into store or visit their website to check out the full range.

My favourite of their eggs (and the one I’ve bought for myself this year) is the Demand S’mores egg* which is inspired by the American classic smores. Inside the egg are small marshmallows, pieces of biscuit, and there are small pieces of caramel too.

This also comes with a small box of salted caramel truffles.

Pierre Marcolini dark chocolate praline egg with puffed rice £12.90

PM egg copy

Image source: Pierre Marcolini

This small egg from Pierre Marcolini has a dark chocolate shell, and is filled with a light praline mixed with puffed rice and Maldon sea salt.

It comes in a cute little box with a ribbon handle, perfect for hanging on a tree as part of an Easter egg hunt. It is also available in a milk or white chocolate shell.

Rococo Cappuccino White Chocolate Egg £35.95


Image source: Rococo

I’m not a fan of coffee but I know pretty much everyone else is, so this cappuccino flavour egg from Rococo is certain to be a hit this Easter.

This is made with Illy coffee and sweet white chocolate, and the egg is filled with coffee praline truffles as an extra treat!

Rococo eggs come in beautiful boxes too, I bought their vegetable egg a couple of years ago and still have the box (it's really strong and great for storage).

Melt Coconut Easter Egg £34.99

Melt egg and box

Image source: Melt

I always love the Easter range at Melt… as well as making absolutely delicious eggs, they also look incredible. And this egg does look just like a coconut with the textured finish on the outside and the white interior.

This egg is made with desiccated coconut, and has a creamy coconut flavour. It is handmade in London, using only natural ingredients, and their packaging is completely plastic free too!

Harrods Gianduja Dark Chocolate Easter Egg £50

Harrods hazelnut gianduja dark chocolate easter egg 320g 19816220 44515162 1000

Image source: Harrods

Harrod’s gianduja egg is the most expensive on the list at £50, but its a real spectacle. The ombre colour design is so beautiful this almost looks too good to eat.

The egg is made using Harrods’ own dark chocolate couverture, and is injected with bubbles of creamy hazelnut gianduja. It’s one that you’re not going to want to share.

Chococo Oat Milk Earth Egg £14

Chococo 2

Image source: Chococo

Chococo use 43% Colombia origin oat m!lk chocolate to make this creamy vegan Easter egg, making this the perfect egg for someone looking for a dairy-free / vegan milk chocolate alternative.

The inside of the egg is decorated with oat m!lk chocolate flowers and hearts, and it's made and decorated by hand. And all their packaging is completely plastic free, and recyclable too!

Selfridges Selection Blonde Chocolate & Malt Egg £19.99

Selfridges malty

Image source: Selfidges

The Easter range at Selfridges comes in bright and bold packaging, and ‘The Malty One’* really stands out in a bright yellow box - the yellow making it unmistakably a Selfridges Easter egg.

This egg is made with single origin blonde chocolate, and has a sweet, caramelised malty flavour. Delicious!

Autore Milk and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Egg £23.99

Autore egg

Image source: Selfridges

This beautiful egg has come all the way from San Marco dei Cavoti in the South of Italy, and is exclusively available at Selfridges.

The egg shell is made from a combination of milk and dark chocolate, and is coated in crunchy hazelnut pieces. I love hazelnuts and would be so happy if someone gifted me this egg!

Harry Specters Rainbow Easter Egg £22

Harry spec

Image source: Harry Specters

Harry Specters rainbow egg is made from creamy white chocolate, and is hand decorated with a rainbow cocoa butter splatter. This egg comes with six strawberry cheesecake chocolates that are made with a fruity cheesecake centre inside a white chocolate shell.

Harry Specters are on a mission to offer confidence to young autistic people by providing them with employment and free training, and for every £1 they make in sales, 69p goes directly to supporting autistic young adults. They’re making delicious chocolate, whilst also making a difference.

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