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December Product Picks


From organic stroopwaffles to the most incredible peanut chilli oil, here is my line-up of the best food products this month.

My November Product Picks was full of festive favourites and bits and bobs that guaranteed a very delicious Christmas!

The products I've been obsessed with this month include a mix of the savoury and sweet, ranging from a praline filled cookie to a delicately spiced coppa...


YUZU chocolate 01

Image source: Crosstown

I am a big yuzu fan and this Crosstown chocolate infused with yuzu & passionfruit ganache looks amazing! It was just launched recently and I can't wait to get my hands on some.

Ask Mummy & Daddy Champagne Bears

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Image source: Ask Mummy & Daddy

Ask Mummy & Daddy are pros at creating fun, gourmet confectionary and these Champagne Bears are my new faves. They come in a gold-lidded jar and make sweet-eating feel rather fancy!

DutchBoy Sea Salt StroopWaffle


Image source: DutchBoy

Just when you thought stroop-waffles couldn't get any more delicious, DutchBoy came along and created this divine sea salt version. Caramelly, biscuity, salty...they are so good! Plus ingredients are local, organic, and they also make vegan versions.

Green Man Wildwood Gin

Green man wildwood gin cardboard bottle min 29 91750 1637077305

Image source: Silent Pool Distillers

Could this be the greenest gin ever?! Silent Pool Distillers (who only use ethically sourced botanical ingredients) have conjured this wonderful light-tasting gin which is also the world's first spirit to be packaged in a cardboard bottle. It's 100% recyclable and has a carbon footprint 6 times lower than a glass bottle.



Image source: Guzzl

Rāyu is Japanese chilli oil, and this peanut version by White Mausu is made in Dublin. It combines chilli with peanuts and sesame and is one of my latest obsessions. It's not crazy spicy, but it is definitely crazy delicious!



Image source: Rhythm 108

I received one of these cookies in my Lofty Box this month and it was amazing! It's rare that I enjoy packeted vegan treats so much but Rhythm 108 has created an absolute winner.

Tempus spiced coppa

TEMP 0334 1024x1024 2x jpg

Image source: Tempus

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Tempus Charcuterie. I recently wrote a post spotlighting their incredible selection of cured meats (click here to have a read!) and their spiced coppa has to be my all time favourite from them.

Fortnum & Mason Baked truffle nuts

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Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Be warned - these Baked Truffle Nuts are unbelievably moreish. It turns out that combining cashews, macadamias and pistachios with black truffle oil is every bit as good as it sounds!