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Brand Spotlight: Tempus Charcuterie


Meet Tempus Charcuterie - a British cured meat producer who has won our hearts with their high-quality products.

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Image Source: Tempus Foods

The founders of Tempus - Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker - are a certified charcuterie dream team.

Named Grand Master Charcutiers at the British Cured Meat Awards in 2019, their brand's origin story is that Tom and Dhruv (both successful Masterchef alumni) turned their attention to the art of cured meat circa 2015. After a couple of years experimenting with the process of producing high quality, flavour-rich meats - they launched Tempus in 2017.

And when they launched, it was with a bang - winning Champion of Champions Producer at the 2018 British Charcuterie Awards just six months into business. Tempus have continued to pick up a number of other awards in recent years and now their products are found on some of the most prestigious shelves in the country, including Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

With such impressive credentials you can be sure that any Tempus delicacy that comes your way is going to be pretty delicious. I've picked out a few Tempus favourites of my own and listed more reasons why I think this brand deserves all the applause, awards and hype they’ve been getting.

Reasons why we love Tempus Charcuterie

  1. ⭐️

    They use ex-Dairy cattle and ex-breeding sows

    In their commitment to use the food-chain sustainably, Tempus opt for older animals who, in their opinion, “are not only the most ethical and sustainable option, but by far the most delicious.”

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    They support high-welfare farming

    By working with just a small number of British farms who operate using high welfare standards, Tempus do a great job sourcing the finest local meats.

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    They have a small but mighty range of products

    In total, Tempus have a fairly modest amount of 11 different cured meats available, making it wonderfully easy to find your favourite.

  4. ⭐️

    Their vision for charcuterie goes beyond the smorgasbord

    Tempus’s meats are destined for much more than just charcuterie boards - they also have a blog full of delicious sounding recipes which encourages charcuterie lovers to incorporate their products into all kinds of different dishes.

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    They are spice wizards

    It’s not just the precision and care that goes into the art of fermenting, curing, casing and aging that makes their products superb - the spices Tempus use take their products to a whole new level.

Our Favorite Tempus Charcuterie Products

House Salami

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Image Source: Tempus Foods

Spiced only with black pepper, the House Salami is the brands signature product. You can't go wrong with this one.

Tempus No. 8

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Image Source: Tempus Foods

One of the most recent additions to the Tempus family is the mysteriously named Tempus No.8. It’s a spreadable salami, spiced to perfection, and very ideal for slaterthing on anything and everything, or using as a base for sauces when cooking.

The Spiced Coppa

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Image Source: Tempus Foods

Seeing as Tempus is a charcuterie brand, we had to include a coppa in our selection and this one is truly delicious. Aged for a minimum of 3 months and then spiced with the likes of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon - it’s easily one of our favourites.

The Ultimate Tempus Christmas Collection

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Image Source: Tempus Foods

If you want to try a few Tempus products at once - treating yourself to a selection board is the way to go. How could we not include this epic Christmas collection which has 7 different cured meats including their Black Truffle Salami and other Tempus classics. I’m ordering this one for my Boxing Day buffet!