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The Best Condiments for Summer Eating


Whether you’re planning a BBQ or a picnic, I’ve rounded up my favourite summer condiments that are perfect for any al fresco dining occasion.

Does anyone else have a fridge full of different condiments?

I'm a big fan of a condiment! I love how it can just completely transform what you're eating - in a good way. Think about pickle in a ham sandwich, chutney with your cheese, or aioli with some chips.

And I especially love a good selection of condiments if we're having a BBQ!

There's so many delicious different ones, but here's my selection of the best accompaniments for summer dining...

Farmison Burger Relish

Fson relish

Image source: Farmison

This is the best burger relish IMO and is a BBQ essential. It has a delicious strong flavour of mustard and gherkins, and is best served with burgers (of course) and hot dogs.

Selfridges Piccalilli Relish

Self Picc

Image source: Selfridges

Selfridges piccalilli relish* is packed full of veggies, including cauliflower, red pepper, green beans, carrots, silverskin onions and gherkins. Make sure you pack this if you’re going for a picnic.

Tracklements Smokin' Chipotle Sauce

For hot sauce lovers, this smokin' chipotle sauce is new from Tracklements. It's a smoky sauce with a spicy kick from bird's eye and scotch bonnet chillies. Tracklements recommend to serve this on burgers and tacos.

CHIMI Chimichurri & Mayo


Image source: Chimi

Creamy mayo combined with CHIMI’s hot chimichurri is a really different condiment to serve with your BBQ - I had this with some steak and chicken wings and it was delicious! It would also be great to serve with fish or veggie kebabs cooked on the BBQ.

Fortnum & Mason Picnic Mustard

FM mustard

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

The name says it all… pack this Fortnum's mustard* to take on your picnic and serve in ham sandwiches, or on a pork pie. This is a herby mustard with added dill, tarragon and parsley.

Sauce shop chipotle & lime aioli

Sauce Shop's chipotle & lime aioli is basically aioli 2.0 with a delicious smoky flavour from the chipotle combined with tangy lime. Use this to make a tasty potato salad.

Sauce shop cherry bourbon BBQ sauce

Screenshot 2023 07 22 at 14 37 17

Image source: Sauce Shop

I had to include a second condiment from Sauce Shop because this cherry bourbon bbq sauce is going to take your BBQ to the next level - add this to your wings and ribs.

England preserves spicy tomato relish

Eng Pres tom relish

Image source: England Preserves

If you’re making a cheese & charcuterie board, or cheese sandwiches to take on a picnic, this tomato relish from England Preserves is the ideal accompaniment. It's a tasty balance of sweet, sour and a bit of spice.

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