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The Best Alcohol Free Drinks 2023


I’ve rounded up my favourite drinks for summer, and they’re all alcohol-free!

I’ve been pretty much alcohol free for almost a year now (apart from 2 or 3 glasses of wine), but I’ve really not missed drinking because there are so many great alcohol free options.

I love that there is so much choice now on restaurant and bar menus when you go out, with alcohol free versions of some of your favourite spirits and some really interesting soft drinks.

It feels like this market has really moved on in the past couple of years with some really exciting and innovative new drinks launching.

Here are my favourites for summer…

Anon English Garden

Anon bp

Image source: Anon

Anon's English Garden* is my favourite recent discovery - thanks to @fabulousfoodfinds. I first saw it on Katy’s instagram, and ordered a bottle straight away.

This is basically an alcohol free Pimms, and I made this in the same way as I would Pimms… with Fever-Tree lemonade, and slices of strawberry, cucumber and orange. A sprig of mint would be a good addition too but I didn’t have any.

It’s fruity, refreshing and perfect for summer. Make a jug of this if you’ve got people coming over for drinks in the garden!

Tame & Wild Strawberry & Lime

Tame BP

Image source: Tame & Wild

Tame & Wild have a range of luxurious soft drinks, which were created with the aim of offering people a delicious no-alcohol drink that could still be enjoyed at an occasion where alcoholic drinks would typically be served.

They are made with the best quality ingredients… English berries and botanicals, and sparkling water. Just a few natural ingredients, and nothing else.

The strawberry & lime is super tasty, made with English strawberries, lime flowers and cucumber. All the flavours of summer!

Pentire Adrift

Adrift* is Pentire’s original alcohol free spirit. It’s made using plants that grow in the coastline in Cornwall where they are based, like rock samphire, sage, Cornish sea salt, and Pentire’s own plant blend. This is a unique alcohol-free spirit with a delicious herbaceous flavour.

I’m a big fan of Pentire, I really like their Seaward spirit as well, and the pre-mix alcohol free margarita cocktail is perfect to serve alongside a Mexican meal. They are a certified B-Corp too!

Rubro Peach Iced Tea

Rubro bp

Image source: Rubro

Rubro’s peach iced tea is such a refreshing drink!

Rubro make their iced teas with rooibos tea which is naturally caffeine free, and all their drinks are made with natural ingredients, and no preservatives or colours.

Their rooibos tea is ethically sourced too, supporting small-scale farms in South Africa (which is the only region where this tea is grown!).

They have 3 flavours… peach, lemon & berry. And the peach is my fave!

Mocktails Mockarita

Screenshot 2023 07 13 at 10 17 17

Image source: Mocktails

I’m a big fan of mocktails, I’ve written about them before on the blog and I love their range of alcohol free cocktails. Their drinks are made with only the best ingredients - real fruit juices, natural flavours and pure cane sugar.

This mockarita is their take on a margarita, and the cans are perfect to take on a summer picnic in the park.

And check out the recipes on their website to find out how to use this alcohol-free cocktail to make a nojito, or Paloma cocktail.

Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit

Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit* is their alcohol-free version of a dark rum, with notes of caramel, fudge, fig and vanilla. Mix this with ginger beer and lime juice to make a delicious Dark & Stormy cocktail.

Lyre's have a big range of alcohol free versions of some of your favourite spirits, and they are crafted to still have the same delicious flavour… including American Malt, Italian Spritz, Dry London Spirit, and White Cane Spirit.

Fortnum & Mason Rosé Sparkling Tea

FM tea

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Following the success of their original sparkling tea, Fortnum’s also launched a rosé version* which is made using hibiscus alongside Oolong tea, silver needle white tea, Darjeeling, and more.

If you’re new to sparkling tea, the best way to describe it is like an alcohol free champagne. The bottle pops like a champagne, and is ideal for celebrations or a treat. This is drier than their original sparkling tea, and has a sweetness with notes of tropical fruits, raspberry pavlova, wild strawberries and elderflower.

Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit Soda

BB bp

Image source: Betty Buzz

Betty Buzz recently launched in the UK, but I’m afraid it's only available in London currently at WholeFoods. If you’ve not heard of Betty Buzz before, the brand was founded by Blake Lively, with the idea that what we drink should be held to the same standards as what we eat.

Their drinks are made with only fresh fruits, herbs, juices and spices, and the range includes classic drinks and mixers like tonic, ginger beer, and lemon soda.

My favourite in the range is the sparkling grapefruit, which is simply made with sparkling water, agave syrup, grapefruit juice concentrate and natural flavours. This can be drunk on its own as a soft drink, or pair it with Pentire’s Adrift alcohol-free spirit.

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