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The Best Alcohol Free Drinks


This year I'm having an alcohol free Christmas, and with all the amazing 0% alcohol options, I don't feel like I'm missing out at all!

I always enjoy a drink on Christmas Day, whether it's a glass of fizz, a nice white wine, or few G&Ts, but it's all change this year as I'm currently having chemo.

I've tried quite a few different alcohol-free drinks over the past few months, and I've been amazed at the amount of choice and quality of options available.

So if you're not drinking over Christmas, planning a dry January, or just looking to find a bit of balance with reducing your alcohol intake, I've rounded up my favourite no-alcohol drinks below...

Fortnum & Mason Sparkling Tea

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Image source: Fortnum & Mason

This sparkling tea from Fortnum & Mason is the best alternative to champagne, and is perfect for a celebration or treat!

The blend is made with eight of Fortnum's famous and rare teas, and is a light sparkling drink. There is a rose version too!

Mocktails Mockscow Mule

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Image source: Mocktails

Mocktails kindly sent me a case of their alcohol-free cocktail cans earlier in the year, and now I'm a huge fan on their drinks.

They make a range of canned / bottled RTD cocktails using only the best quality ingredients. Their range includes mockapolitain, sangria and espresso% martini, but my favourite is sour and gingery the Scottish lemonade mockscow mule (I've got a case ordered in for Christmas!).

These drinks are great for a party over Christmas, but the cans are also perfect for a summer picnic too!

Caleno Dark & Spicy Spirit

I've only recently discovered Caleno, but their alcohol-free rum is a game changer. This dark and spicy is a rich blend of pineapple, coconut, ginger, vanilla, kola nut and lime.

This is delicious served with a ginger beer, and a wedge of lime or pineapple. And it's great for a cocktail party - check out the cocktail recipes on Caleno's website.

Warner's Pink Berry 0% Spirit

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Image source: Warner's Distillery

You'd never know this fruity pink berry spirit from Warner's was alcohol free, it tastes just like gin!

This 0% gin is made of a blend of raspberries, blackcurrants, sage, pepper, ginger and chilli. A blend packed full of flavour! And Warner's recommend to serve with a Mediterranean tonic.

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Rielsing


Image source: Waitrose

This Riesling was the first alcohol-free wine I've tried, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't have high expectations, but this was light, delicious and easy to drink!

This is made by the alcohol being removed from the wine by vacuum distillation, and has a really fresh flavour. It's available to buy from Waitrose, and great value at £6.99!

Pentire Seaward

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Image source: Pentire

Pentire have a few non-alcohol spirits in their range, but this Pentire Seaward is my favourite!

Pentire are based in Cornwall, and use botanicals that grow along the coast to make their spirits. They consider the sustainability of each step of their process too, and they offset the carbon caused with each delivery.

Their seaward spirit is made with botanicals including sea rosemary, woodruff, sea buckthorn and wild seaweed!