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Restaurant Review: Tappinos, Cleckheaton


Tappinos is a cosy little restaurant in West Yorkshire, serving some tasty Italian tapas.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a friend at Tappinos, located just outside Bradford, for a long overdue catch up. Tappinos serves Italian small plates - if you’ve read a couple of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I love a tapas style meal - so I was really excited for my first visit to this restaurant!

There is a big menu at Tappinos with plenty to choose from, including traditional Italian dishes like pizza, arancini and bruschetta. They also had a couple of Spanish items on the menu (and of course we ordered patatas bravas) and they had a small specials board too. Like I said, PLENTY to choose from!

We were recommended to order around 5-6 dishes, so we opted for 7, but the portions here are very generous. We would probably have been full with 5, and I ended up taking some of the leftovers home to enjoy the next day.

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The highlight of our meal was the tartufo nero pizze; this had a margarite base topped with a whole burrata, truffle mortadella & pistachio, on a black dough. I love each of these separate elements, and all the flavours worked so well together. I would have been happy just with a full size version of the pizza for my meal, and if I came back it would be top of my list to order again.

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Some of the other dishes we ordered were the grilled Italian sausage with polenta chips, king prawns with cannellini beans and sage, deep fried courgette flowers, and a gnocchi dish from the specials menu. Everything was delicious, and the food came out at a nice pace just as each plate was ready rather than being inundated with seven dishes at once and things going cold.

The restaurant is quite small, but it has a real buzz and great atmosphere. The customer service was excellent, the staff were friendly and very helpful.

Overall it was a wonderful evening with great food and great company.