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Restaurant Review: Galleria, Leeds


Galleria is one of the latest restaurant openings in Leeds, and is a really cool space located within Project House.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently since I’ve started back at work, and the same goes for my social life too. But as I had a bit of time off over Christmas I arranged to meet one of my friends for dinner and a catch up, and we decided to check out Galleria.

Galleria is a wood-fired restaurant, and they have a fairly concise menu so rather than offering a lot of choice they focus on a few things that are done exceptionally well.

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The Menu

  1. What we ordered

    Pecorino, confit garlic & black pepper flatbread

    Galleria three cheese chicken parmo

    Wood-fired cauliflower, Kashmiri butter, Bombay seeds, tomato & fenugreek

    Home fries, garlic aioli

    House coleslaw

    For Dessert

    Key lime pie

    Chocolate orange ganache

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When you visit Galleria you need to order one of their wood-fired flatbreads, this was the highlight of the meal. There are four to choose from on the menu (one of which is vegan) and we went for the pecorino, confit garlic and black pepper option. You really can’t go wrong with flavour combinations like this, and it was 10/10.

We also ordered the chicken parmo and cauliflower from the wood oven section on the menu. The chicken parmo had a delicious crispy coating, and PLENTY of gooey melted cheese on top. And it was topped with slices of gherkin. Delish! The whole roasted cauliflower was packed full of flavour, and was served on a tomato & fenugreek sauce.

We ordered a couple of sides too. I’d seen the house fries on instagram before our visit and knew we had to order these. They were more like roast potatoes than fries, and were super crispy, served with a creamy garlic aioli for dipping.

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I was a bit disappointed that they’d sold out of the wood-fired chicken on the menu, but I’ll have to go back again and try this next time.

The drinks menu was also quite small but choices didn’t feel limited at all. My friend had a pear and sage daiquiri, and I ordered a nogroni - this was one of two alcohol free cocktails on the menu. We also both enjoyed a small glass of wine each, opting for a Moroccan sauvignon.

I’m a big fan of Galleria, it's got a casual and laid back vibe, but is serving up some outstanding food. It is a little way out of town, but is well worth a visit.

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Is Galleria vegan friendly?

Yep there are a few vegan options on the menu, including the cauliflower that we ordered. All their snacks are vegan friendly, and there’s also a flatbread, sides, and BBQ carrot & roasted pepper dish too. Everything is clearly marked as VE on the menu, or VEO.

Is Galleria gluten free friendly?

Normally I find it easy to answer this question because Nick is gluten free, but I didn’t go with Nick to Galleria. On the menu there are a couple of things highlighted as GF including the wood-fired chicken, the home fries, and a mackerel salad.

Tell more more about Project House...

Galleria is part of Project House, a new venue space that opened in summer. There is a bar, they have live music, lots of different events, and there’s also a space you can hire. Click here to see what events are coming up.