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July Product Picks


This month’s picks are all products I discovered at the latest Raye pop-up store.

Raye is a concept store showcasing new and innovative food, drink and beauty brands. They are currently on ‘Edition 6’ with their latest pop up at Spitalfields market in London. You can read all about them here.

I always try to visit Raye if they’ve got a pop up on when I’m in London. If you’ve not checked out their latest Edition, it's running until 30th July so you’ve still got a few more weeks to visit.

Here are some of my favourite products I discovered at Raye last week…

Olive Oil Guy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I love buying new olive oils to try, and I was completely sold on this one from the Olive Oil Guy because of the packaging.

The Olive Oil Guy is an olive oil sommelier and international judge, and he works with farms across the Mediterranean to source some of the best oils.

The first oil in their range is a single origin olive oil from Greece, and the oil is harvested and pressed from Koroneiki trees.I tried this oil drizzled over some tomatoes on sourdough toast, and the flavour was incredible.

Saved Lentil Puffs


Image source: Saved Food

These aren’t just any lentil crisps, they are made with cricket protein! I’ve seen a few products recently that are made with insect protein, but I’ve never actually tried any before so I bought a bag of these from Raye to try.

The crickets are dried, ground into a protein powder and then blended into the puffs. Crickets have a high natural protein content, and they are the most natural and sustainable protein.

These are also high in fibre, and have a really clean ingredients list being made with just 6 natural ingredients.

Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Cookie


Image source: Rhythm 108

It’s hard to believe this is a vegan cookie, with the delicious creamy flavour. This soft baked cookie has a hazelnut chocolate praline centre, which is incredibly delicious and so moorish.

As well as being vegan, it’s also organic, gluten free, and palm oil free, and the packaging is completely compostable. Snacking doesn’t get more sustainable or delicious than this.

Not M!lk Pistachio

Not Mlk Pist

Image source: Not M!lk

Not M!lk are a health conscious company, making a range of environmentally friendly plant-based milks. Their range is completely vegan, and is made using only the best quality ingredients.

When making the m!lks, they soak all the nuts in water which neutralises the chemicals, and reduces the amount of starch and fibre, making it easier to digest and more packed with protein and vitamins!

The pistachio would be my #1 choice, but the salted caramel hazelnut sounds delicious too.

Black Bee Orchard Honey


Image source: Black Bee Honey

Black Bee sell some of the best honey in the UK, providing only single origin honeys with the beekeeper and location stamped on each jar. Their orchard honey comes from hives in Wales and Kent, with the bees collecting nectar and pollen from pear and apple trees.

Black Bee are a certified B-Corp too (if you’re not sure why B-Corps are so great, check out this blog post), and 2% of their turnover is spent on planting wildflower meadows which are a vital habitat for bees.

Chimac Korean BBQ sauce

Chimac are based in Dublin, and have two restaurants serving Korean crispy chicken burgers, and their KFC (Korean fried chicken). They also bottle their sauces so you can make your own delicious Korean chicken at home.

This sauce is a Korean twist on a classic BBQ sauce, being made with some traditional Korean ingredients including fermented soybeans and lots of tasty spices. Use this sauce to marinade your chicken, or meat alternatives because it's vegan too.

Araw Ice creams


Image source: Araw

This Edition of Raye has launched in partnership with Araw ice creams. If you’re new to Araw, their ice creams contain no refined sugar, they’re vegan friendly, and are only made with natural ingredients.

They have some unique flavours too, including mango sticky rice, earl grey malted crumble, and coco raspberry lychee. At Raye you can pick up a tub to take home, or they’re selling the Araw range by the scoop.

If you've visited Raye, let me know which are your favourite products you discovered in the comments below...