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Holland & Barrett Product Picks


Holland & Barrett might not be somewhere you’d think to go to buy food, but they’ve just launched a huge new range and there’s some really exciting products.

Earlier this month they launched over 500 new products, including 350 own label foods, and 200 branded products too. A launch of this scale is huge and will have taken a massive amount of time and effort to bring it all together, and is a really exciting move for Holland & Barrett.

The range includes both fresh and ambient food & drink, and as you would expect, health is a big focus. A lot of the products include an ‘added benefit’, for example I bought a smoothie that contained added vitamins to support your immunity.

There are a lot of vegan foods, and they’ve also thought about other dietary requirements too like sugar free, gluten free etc. It’s great to see the clean ingredients as well - the products aren’t full of strange sounding ingredients that you’ve never heard of!

I was really intrigued by the English Style Must-Not, basically an English mustard which is completely allergen free. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

If you’re passing a Holland & Barrett store, make sure you pop in to check out this new food range, and you can of course see it online too. But the fresh products don’t seem to be available on their website (yet?).

Here’s what I bought…

Turmeric & Manuka Honey Popcorn


Image source: Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett describe this turmeric & honey popcorn as a twist on a classic sweet & salty popcorn. You definitely get a sweet & salty flavour, and they have quite a strong savoury aftertaste. Really nice though. I ate the whole bag very quickly!


Courgette & Pepper Chips

Courgette chips

Image source: Holland & Barrett

Think vegetable crisps - although courgettes and peppers are technically fruits. These chips are a nice little snack, very moorish. The pepper pieces are smaller than I was expecting, but both the pepper and courgettes have a really gold flavour and crunch!

I also noticed on the pack of these they are worth 2/30 plant points. This is something on all the new range packaging. Here’s what the packaging says… ‘studies have shown that eating 30 different plants a week can have a positive contribution to leading a healthy lifestyle.” I read about this in Tim Specter's book 'Food For Life'. It's a move on from the idea of having 5 a day, and it's better to have more variety in your diet.



Miso & seaweed broth

IMG 6626

This is a miso rice, mushroom, ginger & seaweed broth. It’s got added calcium too which contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes, and the maintenance of normal bones.

You could use this as a base for making ramen, but it's delicious just heated and enjoyed as a hot drink.


Turmeric & sweet potato daal

Holland & Barrett’s turmeric & sweet potato daal contains 10 plants points - that 10 different vegetables, pulses, herbs & spices!

This daal is a perfect filling lunch, and tastes delicious. It's not spicy, but has a nice mild curry flavour.



Zero carbs noodles


Image source: Holland & Barrett

These zero carb noodles can be served in place of either pasta or noodles.

They are high in fibre, vegan, gluten free, and organic too! And are made with organic konjac flour and oat fibre.

And they can be ready in just a couple of minutes!



Pineapple & ginger kombucha


Image source: Holland & Barrett

There are three new kombucha’s in the range, that have different wellness benefits… Focus, Glow and Energy.

I bought this pineapple & ginger kombucha which is the ‘focus’ one. It has added iodine which contributes to normal cognitive and nervous system function, and is made using fermented Sencha green tea. It's sugar free too.



Bombay protein mix


Image source: Holland & Barrett

This bombay protein mix is a combination of roasted yellow peas, green peas and fava beans seasoned with spice mix.

It is made using British-grown pulses, and is high in fibre, high in protein, low sugar and low salt.

A genuinely healthy and delicious snack.



Garlic & Black Pepper Vegan Cheese

Sometimes vegan cheese can have a very distinctive flavour which isn’t very nice, but this is fresh, creamy, garlicy and delicious.

This is a coconut oil based soft ‘cheese’, with garlic, parsley, black pepper, and added calcium. Think boursin - but vegan.



Have you been to Holland & Barrett to check out their new food range? Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite new product?