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Fortnum & Mason Product Picks


It's no secret that I love Fortnum & Mason. Their foodhall is full of the most delicious products, and I wanted to share my favourites with you.

There's something very special about Fortnum's foodhall in their iconic Piccadilly store. When you walk in, it's impossible not to be impressed by their extensive selection of expertly sourced food and drink.

From their tempting selections of chocolate, biscuits and tea on the ground floor, to their traiteur and cheese counters downstairs, there really is something for everyone at Fortnum's.

I've chosen my top 10 Fortnum's products to share with you...

Toffolossus biscuits

IMG 3005

If there was an award for the best biscuit in the world, these would win hands down. Toffolossus* are best described as sticky toffee pudding in biscuit form, with sweet-salty toffee and pieces of dates, coated in a thick layer of creamy milk chocolate.

The tin is beautiful too and you won't want to throw it away, I use mine for storing spaghetti!

Victoria grey tea

2214585 mob sq

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

It's hard to pick just one tea from Fortnum's, but the Victoria Grey* quickly became one of my favourites after it launched in 2020.

This famous blend is made with bergamot, lavender and Fortnum's own Salisbury plain honey to make a delicious sweet and citrusy tea.

It's available in biscuit form* too!

Chocolate caramels selection box

2214189 b

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

These chocolate caramels* are made and hand-decorated in England, and they look almost too beautiful to eat!

There are 12 different flavours in this selection, my favourite is the Victoria heirloom rhubarb & ginger, and other flavours include Burlington Marmalade, passionfruit and liquorice, and black truffle!

Potted Welsh rarebit


Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Potted Welsh rarebit* is certainly an iconic Fortnum's product, and is made to an exact recipe that has been used at Fortnum's for decades.

This should be smothered on toast and then grilled until bubbling, and Fortnum's recommend to top with a grilled tomato.

Like most of their packaging, this ceramic pot is something you won't want to throw away.

Ultimate dark hot chocolate

This ultimate dark hot chocolate* is made with 85% single original Columbian chocolate and all-natural cocoa butter, and is suitable for vegans.

The chocolate used in this is exceptionally rare; it is ICCO classified and makes up just 6% of chocolate in the world!

Salmon pate with Dill & Mustard

5119597 salmon pate dill mustard 125g mob sq a

Image source: Forntum & Mason

This salmon pate* is made with Fortnum's own dill & mustard sauce, and pairs perfectly with a cold glass of white wine.

This is so tasty you'll want to eat it out the jar with a spoon, but it makes a great canapé spread on top of crostini.

Blanc de blancs champagne

2208093 2020 sq

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Nothing makes a better gift than Fortnum's blanc de blancs champagne*. It can be bought in a gift box, and there is a personalised option too where you can customise your label.

Green Tomato Chutney

Green tom

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

This might not sound like the most exciting product, but Fortnum's green tomato chutney* is so delicious.

This sweet and tangy chutney is packed full of green tomatoes, and is a perfect addition to a cheeseboard, and I love it in a cheese and ham sandwich.

French Lavender Honey

2061131 mob sq

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum's have the most impressive honey selection, and it was hard to pick just one. But this French lavender honey* from Mont Ventoux is a real stand out. Bees forage on the lavender fields on Mont Ventoux to make this delicious honey.

My other favourites are their chef's truffle honey, and Madagascan eucalyptus honey.

Shortbread Selection Tin

2200461 mob sq

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum's shortbread is handmade by a small-family run bakery in Edinburgh, and it is the best shortbread I've ever had.

There are 5 different biscuits in this selection*: traditional petticoat tails, heather honey rounds, macadamia nut rounds, stem ginger shortbread fingers, and, my favourite, chocolate pearl shortbread.

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