February Product Picks
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February Product Picks


February has been a fabulous, food-filled month!

A bit of a tropical theme has emerged from February's product picks...

This month I've been obsessed with a tea made from the shells of cocoa beans, coconut-toffees inspired by traditional Nigerian treats, and pina colada flavoured gummies. I think it must be my taste-buds telling me to hurry up and book a holiday somewhere warm - preferably in a place with lots of fresh fruit and colourful cocktails!

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Note: This is not a sponsored post (all opinions are those of an enthusiastic foodie).


Sauce Shop Golden Coconut Curry Cook In Sauce


Image source: Sauce Shop

This jar of sauce is pure, curry magic! It's so good for whipping up quick, tasty meals and I especially love that the ingredients list is simple and straightforward.

Heist Chocolate Makers Cocoa Tea


Image source: Heist

Ever had pure cocoa tea? Neither had I until I stumbled upon this wonderful creation by Heist - a small independent chocolate maker based in Wales. Heist make all their chocolate themselves using organic beans and the shells from those very beans are the special ingredient used to make this lovely tasting tea.

Ask Mummy & Daddy Pina Colada Gummies


Image source: Ask Mummy & Daddy

I'm a big fan of these new Ask Mummy & Daddy cocktail inspired range of sweets. They get a big thumbs for being palm oil-free, and I even shouted-out their Champagne gummies in a previous Product Pick post. But seeing as we are in the middle of February and patiently waiting for summer, a handful of these tropical tasting gummies has me dreaming of warmer days to come!

Rooted Spices House Blend


Image source: Rooted Spices

Having this spice blend to hand is a major cooking hack. It's basically like a more sophisticated version of salt and pepper but has a very low sodium content. Whatever savoury dish you're making, sprinkling a bit of this at the end (whether it's on fried eggs, avo on toast or cheesy pasta) is an excellent idea.

London Honey Company Shropshire Creamed Honey


Image source: London Honey Company

I am happy to report that this "creamed British spring honey" is every bit as good as it sounds. I've been slathering this little pot on toast and swirling it in tea. It's also unpasteurized meaning the honey is completely natural.

Spoon Apple & Almond Butter Granola


Image source: Spoon

New granola brands seem to be popping up everywhere. This granola by Spoon caught my attention due to the combination of apple and almond butter (yum). Spoon make this granola using gluten-free oats and maple and date syrup to add a nice bit of sweetness.

Bamford B Calm Relax Organic Tea


Image source: Daylesford

This tea is so lovely and fragrant! Nestled in these rather cute biodegradable tea bags is a winning mix of camomile, lavender flowers, lemon balm leaves and rose petals (all organic). It's a perfect "PM" tea to wind down with.

Ilé Adùn Coconut Toffee


Image source: Ilé Adùn

Proving once again that it's one of the most versatile natural ingredients ever - Ilé Adùn have introduced coconut to toffee and it's a match made in foodie heaven! These treats are inspired by a traditional Nigerian recipe and we have Ilé Adùn to thank for bringing them to us!