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Daylesford product picks


This week we had a trip to the ultimate farmshop - Daylesford’s flagship store in the Cotswolds.

We’ve had a few days away in the Cotswolds, and I made sure we planned enough time to visit Daylesford Organic’s original store near Moreton-in-Marsh.

We arrived early in the afternoon, and had a quick lunch at The Trough cafe. The food was so good, and super healthy too. I had a selection of salads and one of their kombuchas. Both our meals were absolutely delicious, with such an amazing amount of flavour that only comes from using the best quality seasonal ingredients.

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But onto the main event… the farmshop!

Unfortunately we couldn’t buy a lot of fresh food because we were on our way to a hotel for a couple of days, although we couldn’t resist buying a wedge of Wigmore from the cheese room.

I was disappointed they didn’t have one of their farmshop advent calendars out on display (I know it's September) but it would have been great to see what this is like IRL while I’m deciding which advent calendar to buy this year.

I loved it though, and I’ve rounded up my favourite products below. If you’re in The Cotswolds, make sure you plan a trip here. And if Daylesford could open a new farmshop in Yorkshire, that would be great!

(Although you can buy a lot of their products online, and they are ranged on Ocado too.)

Dark chocolate almond butter balls

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Daylesford’s dark chocolate almond butter balls are a tasty and very moorish snack. Made using smooth almond butter which is rolled in dark chocolate and crunchy biscuit crumbs. They are completely plant based too!

Manuka honey oatcakes

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Image source: Daylesford

These crumbly oatcakes have a nice sweetness from the manuka honey, and are perfect to serve with a mature cheddar. Daylesford also recommends to use these as a base for canapes, topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche, or chicken liver pâté.

Daylesford honey

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This honey is from the Daylesford estate hives. The bees forage on their market garden, wildflower pastures, and hedgerows to create this mild floral honey.

Anzac biscuits

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I couldn’t resist buying a pack of these delicious Anzac biscuits which are handmade on the Daylesford farm. They are packed full of sultanas, and are a rich buttery biscuit with a crumbly texture. I would have expected them to have coconut in, but they’re still very tasty.

Piedmont hazelnut gianduja

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Image source: Daylesford

How amazing does this look? It’s the kind of thing I would just want to sit and eat straight out the jar! This layered milk, dark and white gianduja is made with the best Piedmont hazelnuts, and has a silky smooth texture.

This is a real show stopper of a product, and would make a wonderful gift.

Raspberry & elderflower kombucha

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Image source: Daylesford

I had a bottle of this kombucha with my lunch, and it has a lovely sweetness with a slight sour flavour. This is a green tea kombucha, with added natural raspberry and elderflower flavourings.

Cheese box

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Image source: Daylesford

This box is a great selection of four different Daylesford's organic cheeses. Here’s what's in the selection…

Bledington Blue - made on the farm with milk from their own cows.

Mini Penyston - a mild and creamy brie.

Waxed double gloucester - handmade on the farm!

Waxed cheddar - an award-winning cheese, which was the first organic certified cheddar in the UK!

Zero waste box

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Image source: Daylesford

Daylesford's zero waste box contains a variety of food, and you won’t know what’s inside until it arrives! I like the excitement of not knowing which delicious Daylesford treats you're going to receive.

There’s either a £20 or £40 option, and it's a way for them to reduce food waste. The boxes include food and drink from the market garden, bakery, creamery, smokehouse, butchery, and kitchens.

And check out their homeware range too. I saw some really beautiful pieces in the shop that I’m adding to my Christmas list.