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Christmas Gift Guide: Cookbooks


It’s time for my first gift guide this Christmas, and I thought I’d share my favourite cookbooks I’ve been using this year.

A cookbook makes such a lovely gift. I usually receive at least one for my birthday and Christmas, and I love buying them for people too.

There are so many different ones to choose from, there’s literally one for all types of home cooks, and to suit all different dietary needs too.

Here’s my selection…

Yiayia by Anastasia Miari

Yiayia is probably my favourite new cookbook I’ve bought this year. Its a collection of stories and recipes from Greece’s grandmothers (Yiayia means grandmother in Greek).

With each recipe in the book, there is a photo of the grandmother, and a little story to go alongside it. You can learn to cook some truly authentic Greek food, using tips and techniques that have been perfected over the years.

And there’s some beautiful photography in this book too.

5 Ingredients Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver

You can’t go wrong with gifting someone a Jamie Oliver book. His newest release is another 5 ingredients cookbook, but this time it's had a Mediterranean makeover.

This is a great book for someone who maybe isn’t too confident in the kitchen, as the few ingredients make these recipes quite simple to make. And even with just a few ingredients, the flavour of the dishes I’ve made so far from this book has been incredible.

Live Fire by Helen Graves

Live Fire is the best book for any BBQ enthusiast. And once you’ve got this book, you’ll be BBQing all year round.

The book starts with some helpful tips which will help you gain confidence in BBQing, and you can learn about different types of fuel, different types of BBQs, and Helen also recommends the best stockists and suppliers for different ingredients.

Flavour by Sabrina Ghayour

Flavour is a brand new book from Sabrina Ghayour, it came out just a couple of weeks ago.

This book is described as maximum-flavoured, minimal-effort accessible recipes, and is great for someone who is time poor but still wants to make delicious meals from scratch.

And I feel that everyone needs this book so they can make the pistachio & chocolate dream cake. Best. Cake. Ever.

You Can Cook This by Max La Manna

Max La Manna’s debut cookbook, ‘You Can Cook This’ is a collection of simple & sustainable vegetarian and vegan recipes.

This book is the ideal gift for someone who is vegetarian, or someone who, like me, is trying cut back on meat and introduce more veggie meals into their diet.

As well as being packed with delicious recipes, this book has lots of helpful tips about how to best store food to make it last longer, and how to reduce food waste.

The Farm Table by Julius Roberts

This is another debut cookbook… Julius Roberts recently released ‘The Farm Table’ which is a collection of recipes made using seasonal ingredients.

Seasonality is a big theme in this book, as this is how the chapters are split out. This book can help you to eat the right food and the right time of year, with ingredients that are at their absolute best with so much flavour.

There are some hearty autumnal meals, some light and fresh summer dishes, and I love the little story at the start of each chapter which beautifully describes how Julius' farm is changing throughout the seasons.

The Knowledge by Angela Clutton

The Knowledge is a collection of recipes, stories, and skills from the expert traders at Borough market. This is is packed full of interesting information, and I’ve learnt so much from reading this book.

Anyone who loves food, is going to love this. Tips include things like how to joint a chicken, the and the best accompaniments for a cheese board. This is a book that you’ll sit down and read cover to cover.

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