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Brand Spotlight: The Marshmallowist


As the name suggests, this is the place to shop for some delicious gourmet marshmallows, and you need to check out their teacakes too!

I discovered the Marshmallowist last year, and yes I was very late to the party as they’ve been making their incredible creations for around 10 years.

They were one of the first people in the UK to make luxury gourmet marshmallows, and they only use the best quality fresh ingredients. Flavours include toasted coconut, passion fruit & ginger, and a luxurious raspberry and champagne.

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Image source: The Marshmallowist

And yes the marshmallows are amazing, BUT the teacakes are something else!

If the word ‘teacake’ makes you think Tunnocks then you need to experience these to see how truly amazing they can be.

They have all the components of an excellent teacake, with a cake or biscuit base, fluffy marshmallow, all covered in a thin crisp layer of chocolate. And in each one there is an addition like jam or ganache to add an extra level of flavour.

Reasons why we love The Marshmallowist

  1. Their seasonal and limited edition flavours

    Follow The Marshmallowist on socials to find out about any new and special edition flavour launches they’ve got coming up. They always have some fun flavours, and I especially enjoyed the cereals range they launched recently.

    Check out their current afternoon tea range with flavours including carrot cake, Victoria sponge and battenberg. Yum!

  2. They are perfect gifts

    If you’re struggling to think of a gift to buy for someone, The Marshmallowist has got you covered. Their marshmallows and teacakes make great gifts themselves, but they also have a range of hampers and gift sets.

    Their birthday cake marshmallows is a box of their gourmet vanilla mallows topped with sprinkles, and there’s a birthday teacakes box too!

  3. They have a vegan range too!

    If you’re vegan / vegetarian, then you don’t need to miss out on these magnificent marshmallows - vegan flavours include Birthday marshmallows, vanilla bean, and rose & pistachio.

Products we love

Chocolate gourmet marshmallows

Choc mallow

Image source: The Marshmallowist

These mallows are made with organic 100% dark chocolate and have a rich and decadent flavour, with a light fluffy texture. And like all their products, these come in a beautiful box.

Birthday teacakes

Birthday teacakes

Image source: The Marshmallowist

This gift box contains two different flavour teacakes… the birthday cake which is vanilla sponge topped with vanilla mallow and raspberry jam, enrobed in white chocolate, and the chocolate fudge cake which has a crispy biscuit base, chocolate ganache, and gooey chocolate mallow covered in dark chocolate.

Marshmallow toasting experience

Toasting kit

Image source: The Marshmallowist

This is a fun set that comes with 12 marshmallows (you can pick which 2 flavours you’d like), wooden toasting skewers, and a table top brazier that produces a small indoor flame to use for toasting.