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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Rubies in the Rubble


Meet the brand tackling food waste one delicious condiment at a time.

This is not the first time I am writing about Rubies in the Rubble.

I featured them in a post about amazing female-owned food businesses and their delicious Plant Based Garlic Mayo has also appeared in my monthly newsletter (if you want some great monthly product recommendations, sign up to my newsletter below!)

I wanted to do a brand spotlight on Rubies in the Rubble because they do more than just create tasty condiments - these guys are verified do-gooders!

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Image source: Rubies in the Rubble

All their relishes, mayos and ketchups are packed with great ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste - making their condiments a tasty solution to food surplus issues.

And they are not just making a positive impact on the food industry - our taste buds are also benefiting!

With summer fast approaching, if you are ever after some condiments that will quickly flavour-up your BBQ foods or picnic feasts - Rubies in the Rubble are my recommendation.

Here’s a round-up of why I love this food brand, and why I think you should too!


Image source: Rubies in the Rubble

REASONS WHY WE LOVE: Rubies in the Rubble

  1. ⭐️

    They are a certified B-Corporation

    Gaining the much respected B-Corp certification lets everyone know that Rubies in the Rubble are meeting the highest standards of environmental and social performance.

  2. ⭐️

    Their “Goodism” blog.

    A wonderful blog full of seasonal recipes and eco-friendly hacks.

  3. ⭐️

    Their Food Waste Facts

    The "environmental impact" tab on each of their product pages gives you more info on what ingredients they have saved from being wasted.

  4. ⭐️

    Their Refillable Glass Bottles

    Rubies supply refillable glass bottles to the restaurants and cafes they work with (places like The Breakfast Club and Honest Burgers) which help those venues reduce packaging waste.




This was the first Rubies product I ever tried and it's still my favourite!

Environmental Impact: "We work in partnership with a hummus manufacturer in Cardiff to collect up all of the leftover water from their cooked chickpeas"



This is the ketchup of the future! One that is sustainably produced and tastes really delicious (they have also just released a recycled and recyclable "squeezy" ketchup bottle which you can now find in Morrisons).

Environmental Impact: "The surplus pears in our ketchup are collected from the next door valley to our factory, and are 'out-grades' or surplus to demand, so they have no other buyer"



Dollop this on cheese on toast or a big ol' burger!

Environmental Impact: "Working closely with a farm in Essex, we collect the onions which were too small or blemished for the supermarket so would otherwise be left to rot in the field"



I know what you're thinking...banana what?! But life is too short to not give banana ketchup a try.

Environmental Impact: "Each bottle rescues two whole bananas from the bin. Most of our bananas are grown in Southern and Central America and are too overripe by the time they're ready to be packaged in the UK"