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Brand Spotlight: Pea Pops


Pea Pops is my latest snack obsession. It's chickpea magic in the form of crisps and I can't get enough!

Crisps are wonderful things, and these days, all sorts of pulses, grains, fruits, veg etc are calling themselves crisps. You've got lentil crisps, quinoa crisps, kale crisps, cassava crisps, coconut crisps. The list goes on.

The truth is, if crisps are not made from spuds - I am always going to be a bit sceptical.

I feel like a lot of these potato-alternative creations are just "wannabe crisps" (yes, I take crisps seriously) and generally a bit underwhelming.

That's why when I sat down to pop open my first pack of Pea Pops chickpea crisps earlier this summer, my expectations were pretty low.

I was, however, very pleasantly surprised. Spud-less crisps have been let off the hook! Or at least these delicious chickpea ones have! Pea Pops are flavourful, moreish, and totally deserving of the "crisp" title.

Here's exactly why I love this UK snack brand:

Reasons why I love Pea Pops

  1. ☀️

    They are healthy

    We're talking 20% plant based protein, 60% less fat than regular crisps and no artificial flavours. Not bad!

  2. ☀️

    Adequately crunchy

    Every crisps needs a good crunch. These guys didn't let me down.

  3. ☀️

    Have award winning flavours

    I'll get more into each product below, but the Pea Pops flavours are spot on! They've even won a couple of Great Taste Awards.

  4. ☀️

    Popped not fried

    Popping is where the magic happens. What they do is take chickpea pellets, mix them with soya flour, and pop them using a combination of pressure and heat.


Smoky BBQ

Smoky BBQ pea pops

Image source: Pea Pops

We're kicking things off with my fave Pea Pops flavour - the Smoky BBQ bag. BBQ is just a supreme flavour in general, but these taste extra BBQ-y. Grab a bag and you'll soon know what I am talking about.

Chilli & Lime


Image source: Pea Pops

Chilli & Lime is my second fave, the lime really comes through nicely! They do different bag sizes - 23g and 80g - for all their chickpea crisps.

Cheddar and Onion


Image source: @mollys_battle

If you are a cheese and onion fan - you're gonna wanna try their Cheddar & Onion flavour out! This is also the only bag of Pea Pops chickpea crisps that isn't vegan.

Where can I buy Pea Pops chickpea crisps?

If you want to get your hands on some Pea Pops, you can buy them from their website. They do a taster box with 2 bags of each flavour for £5.10.

They have also recently started stocking in WH Smiths travel stores which is amazing! You can also find them in Ocado, Amazon, Asda, TK Maxx, Borough Box, Superfood Market and a bunch of independent stores around the UK.

Drop me a message in the comment section if you've tried Pea Pops before (or any other chickpea crisps!)