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Brand Spotlight: Oddbox


Oddbox are on a mission to reduce food waste, sourcing excess and wonky fruit and veg for their boxes.

Did you know that a third of all food grown in the world goes to waste?! I'm sure I've mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I just can't get my head around it.

And it's great to find food businesses who are doing something about this and making a real difference.

Oddbox never ask their growers for specific fruit and veg each week, they simply ask what is going spare and that determines what goes into each box.

As well as reducing waste, this also gives Oddbox customers variety which I love. There are lots of vegetables I typically wouldn't buy, but getting them in my weekly box means that I have to think of something different to cook each week (and I've definitely been in a bit of rut recently cooking a lot of the same meals each week!).

And if I'm not sure what to do with something in the box (kohlrabi!) I can get some Inspo from the recipe page on the Oddbox website!

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Every week in the box you get a leaflet with info about where each item was grown and why it would have gone to waste (e.g. too small).

And you can see what is coming up in your next box on their website - I find this super helpful when I'm planning meals for the next week so I can make sure I'll use everything in the box.

They have selected seasonal add-ons each week too. This week I added some delicious British strawberries into my box, and next week I've got some heritage tomatoes coming as well.

And you can also opt of things you don't want to receive (no mushrooms for us!).

Reason's why I love Oddbox

  1. 🍎

    They are fighting food poverty

    All their leftover produce at the end of each week is sent to FareShare, City Harvest and KIND.

  2. 🥦

    They have free recipes

    If you're not sure what to do with your cauliflower or beetroot, Oddbox have lots of recipes on their website to give you some inspiration

  3. 🍓

    They use sustainable packaging

    Oddbox only use recyclable boxes, and no unnecessary packaging is added. They will also collect your empty box when they next deliver to make sure it gets recycled.

  4. 🥒

    They are a certified B-Corp

    You know a brand is doing something good if they are a B-Corp. You can read all about how they calculate their positive impact here.