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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: England Preserves


Nestled in one of the railway arches at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey, you'll find England Preserves making the most delicious jams and chutneys!

Spa Terminus is home to some of London's best food & drink producers, and England Preserves is no exception. For over 20 years they have been sourcing delicious local and seasonal fruits to make their wonderful products.

Their range includes classics like Strawberry Days and Raspberry Deluxe, but I'm a huge fan of their more unique preserves like the Redcurrant, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam, and their Blood Orange & Campari Marmalade.

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Image credit: England Preserves

I feel like jam has become less popular over the past few years with people looking for a less sugary option to spread on their toast in the morning, but all England Preserve's jams are made with reduced sugar!

Jam is also so much more versatile than just being something to spread on toast or a crumpet. It can also be a great cocktail ingredient, it pairs perfectly with cheese, and when it comes to baking with jam the options are endless!

Reasons why we love England Preserves

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    Local & seasonal fruits
    From citrus fruits in January, to locally grown Heritage apples from Brogdale Collections, the fruit is carefully sourced at the right time of year to ensure it's full of flavour!

  2. ⭐️

    The Tip Jar
    Starting this year, their new monthly series 'The Tip Jar' offers expert advice on preserve making. The first instalment guides you through how to make marmalade.

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    They use less sugar!
    England Preserves only produce reduced sugar jams, meaning they are a healthier choice.

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    Their label designs
    As well as being super tasty, their range also looks amazing, with the design for each label being sourced from The Curwen Press.

our favourite England preserves products

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Jam

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Image credit: England Preserves

This Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb jam is one of my favourite products from England preserves. It's delicious on a hot crumpet, but I also love eating it straight out the jar!

Spiced Apple Butter

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Image credit: England Preserves

This unique preserve is made with Heritage apples from Brogdale Collections. This has a smooth texture, and is delicious with porridge or spread on a warm scone.

Femminello Lemon Marmalade

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Image credit: England Preserves

This marmalade is made from Femminello lemons, sourced directly from foothills of Etna in Sicily. All the peel for this marmalade is cut by hand, and they can only produce a limited number of jars each year so if you like the sound of this, order it now!

Pear, Date & Ale Chutney

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Image credit: England Preserves

The ale for this chutney comes from another small producer located at Spa Terminus, Kernel Brewery. This is delicious served with cheese or cold meats.