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Brand Spotlight: Kelly Loves


Kelly Loves offers top quality Japanese and Korean food, with natural ingredients and an authentic taste.

I’m a huge fan of sushi, and was excited when I was contacted by the Kelly Loves team to see if I’d like to try some of their products. They kindly sent me their ultimate sushi kit, kimchi and lychee ramune.

I didn’t know a huge amount about Kelly Loves, but since reading more about the brand, I wanted to write a blog post to share my discovery with you. And just for transparency, I’m under no obligation to write this blog post, the samples were kindly sent as a gift for me to share details on my social media if I enjoyed them - which I did!

Kelly Choi is founder of sushi daily, a convenience sushi brand you’ve possibly seen in your local Waitrose or Asda. And being passionate about Asian food, Kelly later founded Kelly Loves so she could share her favourite Japanese and Korean food finds.

There are lots of different products in the range to try, from sushi kits to noodle pots, and some interesting drinks and snacks too!

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Reasons why we love Kelly Loves

  1. Product range

    I love discovering new foods, and there are so many different products in the range to try like their ramune sodas and crispy nori snacks. They have a big range of gluten free and vegan products too.

  2. Perfect gifts

    Their sushi making kits (there are three to choose from) make such great gifts! I’d never been confident enough to have a go at making sushi at home, but since trying out one of their kits, I make it quite often now for lunch. It’s so quick and easy, and the kit has everything you need - with just a few fresh ingredients of your choice to add.

  3. Free recipes and their blog

    There is a wealth of information on the Kelly Loves website… be inspired by the huge number of free recipes, and check out their blog too. On the blog you can learn about the different types of soy sauce, which are the best flavours of ramune, and the best locations in London for cherry blossom.

My favourite Kelly Loves products


I’m a big fan of kimchi, and was really pleased when my parcel from Kelly Loves included one of their kimchi pouches. I used this in a cheese toastie and it was so delicious, and it would be great with some noodles, or just as a snack too!


Kelly loves Ramune Lychee 01

Image source: Kelly Loves

I’d not heard of ramune before receiving this sample, but it's basically a Japanese soda - and is pronounced la-moo-nay. I tried the lychee flavour which has a nice floral sweetness, and it's available in yuzu flavour too which I’m keen to try.

The ramune bottles are sealed with a marble, yes an actual glass marble inside the bottle! You can read about why here.

Ultimate Sushi making kit

Ultimate Sushi Kit

Image source: Kelly Loves

This kit comes with everything you need (apart from your choice of fresh ingredients) to make some delicious sushi, and it’s such great value at £29.99 (currently on offer). In this kit there is… nori, sushi rice, rice vinegar, wasabi, fried onions, sushi mayo, and sushi ginger. And it also comes with a rolling mat and a cute little bento box.

As I said above, this would make a great gift, but also a fun treat for yourself if you want to have a go at making your own sushi at home.

Seaweed rice crisps

Kelly Loves Seaweed Rice Crisps 01

Image source: Kelly Loves

This traditional Korean snack is made with rice crisps coated in seaweed, for a light and tasty snack. I feel like these must be healthy too because seaweed is so good for you, and a much more interesting snack than a plain bag of crisps.