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Brand Spotlight: Jude's Ice Cream


Behind all the tasty tubs is an ice-cream brand doing good things for the planet.

One of the things I love most about Jude's Ice Cream is that they make delicous ice cream for everyone.

Whether you are vegan, dairy-free, looking for some ice-cream that is low in sugar (or even want some of the stuff for your pooch - yes, they do indeed do dog-ice cream), Jude's caters to all.

They are a brand that puts a lot of thought and care in all aspects of their business - from who they want to enjoy their ice-cream, where their ingredients are sourced, to what happens with their surplus stock (more details on all of this below!)

If you would like to try some of Jude's lovely ice cream (I'm a big fan) or stock up for the summer, click here to see where you can get some from. In the meantime, I am going to tell you more about why I think Jude's is such a great brand to get behind.

Keep scrolling for my top 4 tastiest tubs 😋🍦


Image source: @judesicecream


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    They are Carbon Negative

    This basically means that throughout their supply chain, they are removing more Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere than is emitted.

  2. 🍦

    They source local

    Where they can, they source their ingredients locally. Their biggest milk supplier is the 300 cows from Matterley Farm in Hampshire.

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    They do good things with surplus stock

    As they say, "good ice cream should never go to waste" and I couldn't agree more. They give as much surplus stock as possible to local charities and food banks.

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    They are active supporters of charities

    As listed on their website, to date Jude's have donated over Β£250,000 to charities that support children and young people. Their current partner charities include Home For Good and The Spear Programme.

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    They are a certified B Corp!

    When you see that B-Corp stamp, you know a brand is doing something right! We've already highlighted some of the great things that Jude's do, and this is all part of what makes them a certified B-corp. Find out more here.

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    They make ice cream for dogs

    They've created a plant based ice cream for dogs that's made from using real fruit! Also, 5% of sales goes to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home which is great.




I am kicking off this favourites list with none other than Jude's beautiful pot of vanilla ice-cream. If a brand can nail vanilla ice-cream - you know they're a keeper, and this tub definitely doesn't disappoint. Its gorgeously creamy (thanks clotted cream) and not too sweet.



Kefir and gut-friendly food products are popping up everywhere and this is the first time I've come across a kefir ice cream. The kefir gives this tub a slightly tart taste (in a good way), and the passionfruit comes through very nicely. It actually tastes a bit like a sorbet, by creamier.



When Jude's came out with this one, they secured a place in the hearts of vegans forever. It really does have that chocolate brownie taste and not the weird aftertaste you can sometimes get with vegan ice-cream.

Jude's Ice Cream for Dogs


I had to do it. I'm including this one on behalf of my two dogs. They have a ton of other flavours and tubs I could have included, but I am just obsessed with the fact that they make ice cream for dogs! Love it.