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August Product Picks


It’s 1st August and that means it’s Yorkshire day, so the theme this month… delicious food and drink made here in Yorkshire.

We’re celebrating all things Yorkshire, and for this month’s picks I’ve included a couple more options than usual because it was too hard to pick just eight products.

Yorkshire has some really special small and artisanal food and drink producers, making some truly exceptional products.

I love visiting local farm shops and independent food retailers to discover new brands and products, there’s always something new and exciting to try!

Here are this month’s picks…

Shepherds Purse Mrs Bell’s Salad Cheese

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Image source: Shepherds Purse

Shepherds Purse have been making cheese since the late 1980s, and they were founded by Mrs Bell who wanted to create cheese made without cow’s milk for allergy sufferers. Even though the range has grown to now include cow’s milk cheeses, this salad cheese is still made using sheep’s milk.

Mrs Bell’s Salad cheese was first made in 2020 to support the sheep milk producers who were struggling once covid hit. It’s a creamy soft cheese, and is similar to feta.

Charlie & Ivy’s Chilli, Balsamic, Oregano & Thyme Bread Dipper

Charlie Ivys

Image source: Charlie & Ivy's

Charlie & Ivy’s have a range of delicious bread dippers, and they’ve launched a new flavour this summer… chilli, balsamic, oregano & thyme.

As well as dipping crusty bread in this, Charlie & Ivy’s recommend to serve this bread dipper drizzled over pizzas, pastas, salads, or try it mixed with couscous or with roasted veggies.

Their bread dippers and other products (including mayonnaise, dressings and marinades) are made using their own Yorkshire rapeseed oil.

Mr Stanley’s Salted Caramel Matches

Mr Stanley’s were founded in Harrogate over 150 years ago, and after moving around the country they’ve recently returned back to their North Yorkshire roots.

These thin matches are made with creamy milk chocolate, and have a moorish salted caramel flavour. It’s easy to eat the whole box at once!

TRUEfoods Peppercorn Sauce

Screenshot 2023 07 31 at 16 34 17

Image source: TRUEfoods

TRUEfoods make the absolute best quality stocks and sauces, and this peppercorn sauce is perfect for your steak. This is made with green peppercorns, cream, fresh herbs and a hint of brandy. This is free from any artificial flavours, and has a clean ingredients list.

You can order direct from their website, or their products are available in Waitrose.

Swaledale Butchers Calabrian Sausages

Swaledale butchers

Image source: Swaledale Butchers

This sausage originates from Calabria in Italy, made with coarsely minced pork, fennel, and a kick of chilli. Swaledale Butchers recommends to cook these as a tray bake with mixed veggies, put them on a pizza, or remove the skins and use the meat as a base for a ragu.

Swaledale Butchers sell some of the very best meat in Yorkshire, that is always fresh and never frozen. I recently wrote about them on the blog, you can read more here.

Fearne & Rosie Super Berry Jam

Fearne Rosie

Image source: Fearne & Rosie

Fearne & Rosie’s Super Berry Jam is made with strawberries, blackcurrants and blueberries. What I love about Fearnie & Rosie is that their jams contain 40% less sugar than a standard jam; they are made with around 70% fruit, and only contain natural ingredients.

Fearne & Rosie have also partnered with Children in Need, and £1 from every jar sold will be donated to the charity. They’re a certified B-Corp too!

Lishman’s Yorkshire Lomo

Screenshot 2023 07 31 at 17 05 33

Image source: Lishman's

Lishman’s are a butcher based in Ilkley, and they sell a range of delicious charcuterie, with all the meat being sourced locally in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Lomo is dry cured from the eye of the loin, which is rolled in paprika and aged for at least 6 weeks. Create a delicious charcuterie board with this, and Lishman’s coppa and bresaola.

Thiccc Meat Candy BBQ Sauce

Meat Candy is a Texan style sweet & smokey BBQ sauce. You could use this as a marinade on wings or ribs for the BBQ, or it can just be used as a dipping sauce. It’s also vegan friendly.

Click here to check out Thiccc’s full range of sauces, which includes some HOT chilli sauces, like the Hot Damn triple ghost chilli super hot sauce 🥵🔥

Yorkshire Orchards Apple & Strawberry Juice

Screenshot 2023 07 31 at 16 37 59

Image source: Yorkshire Orchards

Yorkshire Orchards grow the fruit that is used to make their juices, including different varieties of apples, and also pears and summer berries. My favourite juice they make is the apple & strawberry, it's such a light summery drink.

All their juices are completely natural, with no added water or sugar. Their juices can be bought at various farmers markets. Luckily for me, they come to my local market in Headingley on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Brown & Blonde Peanut Butter Cup Brownie

Peanut butter cups and brownies are a winning combination!

I love brown & blonde’s brownies. They use the best quality ingredients, for example using locally sourced eggs. And they make all their brownies by hand, which are sent out fresh the next day. Brownies don’t get any better than this.

They also have a vegan range which includes flavours like orange & pistachio, raspberry, and ultimate Biscoff. And check out their seasonal flavours too.