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August Product Picks


I've rounded up my favourite products this month, from my new favourite cereal to some delicious new fudgy chocolate brownies... there are some products in this post that you're definitely going to want to try!

happy eating house black bean sauce

Black bean sauce

I love a product with a clean ingredients list, and this black bean sauce is made in small batches using only natural ingredients.

Happy Eating House recommend to use this as a marinade, in stir fries and in steamed dishes. Make sure you check out the free recipes on their website.

Teapigs Cold Brew Peach & Mango

P M peach 1200x

Image source: Teapigs

Even though we're approaching the end of summer, this sweet and fruity cold brew is ideal for the last few warm and sunny days.

It's perfect to pop in your water bottle and have on the go, and it's naturally caffeine free too!

HLTHPUNK UFO Burger sauce

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Image source: HLTHPUNK

This has to be the coolest looking burger sauce, I love HLTHPUNK's packaging and design!

There are so many great things to say about this brand...

clean ingredients,

infinitely recyclable packaging,

zero refined sugars,

and all their condiments, including this UFO burger sauce, taste amazing too!

Cheeky nibble cherry Bakewell granola

I only discovered Cheeky Nibble last month at Raye The Store, and their granola's are a game changer in the breakfast category.

The flavours are based on classic British desserts, and the cherry Bakewell granola is packed full of sweet dried cherries! This is made using natural ingredients, it's nut free, and the packaging is compostable too!

Northern Bloc Straciatella

IMG 1554 2

Northern Bloc are one of my favourite ice cream brands, and I'm not just biased because they are based in Leeds. They make extremely tasty ice creams, and have a huge plant based selection too.

This stracciatella is delicious! The dark chocolate shavings create an amazing crunchy texture, and add a richness to the flavour.

Herdade Do Esporão Selecção Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This olive oil has been one of my kitchen staples for a few years now. I've tried A LOT of other olive oils, but never found another I like as much as this.

It's made in the Alentejo region of Portugal using a single variety of olive, and has the most amazing flavour with notes of fresh grass, orange blossom and tomato.

Dash Blackcurrant Sparkling Water

There seems to be a bit of theme of products with natural ingredients in this month's product picks...

Dash has a range of 6 different flavour drinks, and this blackcurrant sparkling water is delicious. They don't use any sweeteners or sugars, and Dash only use wonky fruit for their drinks to reduce food waste. They are a certified B-Corp too!

Fortnum's Giant Almond Chocolate Brownie

5109586 almond brownie mob sq a

Image source: Fortnum & Mason

PSA: New delicious product launch at Fortnum & Mason!

These rich and fudgy almond chocolate brownies are made in Devon by artisan bakers, The Exploding Bakery.

The giant brownie contains 9 portions, but it's so tasty you won't want to share!