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The 12 Best Easter Eggs for 2022


Putting together this list was hard, but here are 12 of the finest Easter Eggs in the UK.

There is such a fantastic choice of eggs this year! And is it me, or do they seem bigger, better and more colourful than ever before?

I really like how so many different types of ethical easter eggs are available this year. Quite a few eggs have a great purpose or cause behind them, so look out for those in my list!

Let me know which Easter egg looks and sounds like the most delicious to you.

Floral Easter Egg, from Mode & Grace, £25.00


Image source: Mode & Grace

Mode & Grace's Floral Easter Egg is a perfect vision of chocolate and spring, all in one.

Made with 72% cocoa and adored with vivid, edible seasonal flowers, it's definitely the kind of egg you want to sit and admire for a bit before devouring.

60% Honduras Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, from Bare Bones, £22.00


Image source: Bare Bones

Bare Bones have launched their first ever Easter egg and I am in love.

It's a simple milk chocolate number because simple great quality chocolate is what these guys do best.

They source their beans ethically and hand-roast them in their Glasgow workshop.

This Honduran chocolate has "tasting notes of fudge, double cream and raisin".

Blonde Easter Egg, from Rococo, £35.95


Image source: Rococo

Even as chocolate, blondes have more fun!

Rococo's Blonde Easter Egg is a playful, popcorn-filled affair which looks and sounds amazing.

The egg is described as tasting like caramel, biscuit and butterscotch, and comes nestled in a luxurious box.

Artisan Easter Egg - Sicilian Orange 75% Solomon Islands, from Luisa's, £9.70


Image source: Luisa's

Luisa's are ethical, small-scale chocolate makers from Nottingham.

This handcrafted dark chocolate egg slab is beautifully decorated and mixed with lots of zesty bits of Sicilian orange.

It's also dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free.



Image source: Durslade Farm Shop

This dark chocolate egg is speckled with golden bits of honeycomb made with honey from Durslade Farm's very own hives.

And if dark chocolate is not your thing, the same egg is available in milk chocolate (don't miss the bigger honeycomb chunks that come with it!)

It comes packed in a 100% recycled box.

Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Egg, from Bettys , £20.00


Image source: Betty's

Could this be the most glamorous egg out there?

It definitely looks a bit like an Easter egg trophy. And made with "Swiss milk chocolate with crunchy feuilletine wafer pieces" - maybe Betty's have created this year's most delicious egg. There is only one way to find out...

Raffle for Ukraine Easter Egg, from Chococo, £5.00


Chococco have come up with the great idea to let egg enthusiasts purchase a raffle ticket and be in with the chance of winning a monster chocolate egg weighing 2.4kg.

All proceeds go to Ukraine. They send the money weekly to the British Red Cross who provide food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter to those that need it most.

Read more about it here.

The Chocolaterie Milk Chocolate Bread & Butter Easter Egg, from Harrods, £50


Image Source: Harrods

Bread and Butter Easter Egg anyone?

Harrods are tempting us with a luxurious egg made from sourdough crumbs blended with caramelised white chocolate.

The egg is covered in the smoothest of smooth milk chocolates.The box it comes in is gorgeous too.

EGG-ISM, from Harry Specters, £13.00


Image source: Harry Specters

I am obsessed with this beautifully designed white chocolate egg from Harry Specters.

Promoting autism awareness, as they've put it: "Easter Egg + Autism = Egg-ism!"

It celebrates all the autistic employees who create the tasty chocolate at Harry Spectres in Cambridgeshire.

You can read more about this fab chocolate brand here.



Image source: Melt

Ever had a Toast and Marmalade Easter Egg before?

Melt uses toasted sourdough bread and soft confit orange to make this glorious sounding egg.

And in case this becomes the start of an obsession with toast & marmalade flavoured chocolate - they also supply this chocolate year round as a bar.

Milk Chocolate Ocean Easter Egg, from Chococo, £13.00


Image source: Chococo

I love this Ocean Easter Egg from Chococo - especially the mini sea creatures inside that are swimming in Chococo's delicious Venezuelan chocolate!

The egg is made from milk chocolate, but Chococo also offers dairy-free and vegan options in the same design.

Arriving in plastic-free packaging, 5% from the sale of each egg goes to The Ocean Giants Programme

HAND PAINTED BEE EASTER EGG, from Daylesford, £18.00


Image source: Daylesford

There's a lot of very ornate, highly decorated eggs out there, but Daylesford have kept things simple and fun with this one.

Crafted in Wales, the shell of this egg is made from milk chocolate with white chocolate for the bee's stripes and eyes!